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Picture of Rob Cyr, Senior Client Executive with Acera Insurance
Driver Health Weighing Down Transportation Industry

The health and wellbeing of professional drivers must be prioritized as part of efforts to improve safety behind the wheel and boost recruitment. Professional drivers…

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Image of Hillaine McCaffrey, a senior underwriter and broker at Acera Insurance
The Evolution of Cyber Risk: Three Trends Affecting Businesses

These three trends are exposing security vulnerabilities, and heightening the call for businesses to stay informed on the ways in which cybercriminals are adapting and…

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Business Meeting Downtown 2022
2023 Insurance Market Insights

Businesses of all sizes will continue to face challenges arising from the persistent cycle of economic uncertainties that include inflation, geopolitical headwinds, environmental disasters and…

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Latina woman paying with credit card in cafe.
5 Common Payment Scams Affecting Businesses

Payment is one of the most important parts of running a small business. Unfortunately, it’s also a common target for criminals. Here are some of…

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Woman Stressed In Front Of Laptop 2022
Avoiding the Bait – The Importance of Recognizing Phishing Attacks

With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s important for businesses to know how to identify and guard against them   By Craig Freiday, IT Security Analyst,…

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Preparing Your Commercial Building for Winter

Winter weather in Canada is notorious for extreme cold, snow and ice, which can come with significant challenges for commercial property owners. This can include…

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Newsletter Secondary Articles
Top tips for planning a great office holiday party

How early is too early to start making holiday plans? The answer is, never – especially if you’re on your company’s party planning committee. Anyone…

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Woman Working On Carpentry 2022
Keep your business safe with these four tips

Keeping your employees, customers and business safe should always be a top priority and, depending on your industry and business, that can mean different things…

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Male business owner learns about co-insurance.
What is co-insurance?

Despite the prevalence of co-insurance clauses, many people don’t understand what they are or what they’re for. A co-insurance clause requires policyholders to insure their…

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Wildfires often trigger binding restrictions.
What is a binding authority restriction and why does it matter?

If you call to purchase a new insurance policy or change your existing coverage, you may be told it’s not possible due to a binding…

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