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Employee using hand sanitizer
Welcoming Employees Back to Office May Open Door to Liability Lawsuits

There is the potential for an increase in workplace liability lawsuits as more employees transition back to the office after working remotely due to COVID-19….

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Group of colleagues discussing employee theft at conference in modern workspace
How to Prevent Employee Theft 

An employee may be motivated to steal from their employer for various reasons including addiction, financial need, greed, opportunity or resentment towards their employer. Employee…

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Office Technology
Hackers See Big Opportunities in Small & Medium Businesses

Businesses of all sizes are experiencing an increased risk of cyberattacks, but small and medium-sized businesses are the most vulnerable to cyber threats. By Aliya…

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Construction zone traffic
5 Summer Safety Tips for Professional Drivers

With more motorists on the road, construction zones and extreme weather, is it any wonder that more occur in the summer than in winter in…

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Construction materials
Rising Construction Costs Putting Businesses at Risk of Underinsurance

The sharp increase in the cost of lumber, plywood and steel is affecting more than just construction-based businesses. All businesses are at risk of being…

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Condo exterior
Can the Condo Insurance Crisis be Corrected?

Condo corporations have an important role to play in reversing skyrocketing condo insurance premiums and deductibles in Canada. By Wendy Wildeman, VP, Commercial Lines Purchasing…

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Helicopter dropping water on a forest wildfire trying to protect communities in Alberta.
How to Protect Your Business from Wildfires in Alberta

 Alberta’s wildfire season beings March 1 and lasts through to the end of October each year. There is currently an average of 1,346 wildfires per year in Alberta with 63 per cent being…

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Business planning
Are you ready for a flood-based business interruption?

Developing a continuity plan can help keep your business operational in the wake of a disaster, such as a flood. Your plan should outline key…

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Flooded street
3 tips to prepare your business for flood season in Alberta

Flooding is the most common natural hazard in our province, yet it often takes Albertans by surprise each spring. Now is the time for businesses…

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