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Smiling, knowledgeable female expert broker with the answers to your FAQs relating to COVID-19 and commercial insurance.

COVID-19 Commercial Insurance FAQs

With the quickly-evolving business environment during the COVID-19 crisis, we recognize you are facing new challenges and have questions about your insurance program. We hope this article will help answer some of your COVID-19 commercial insurance frequently asked questions. We encourage you to reach out to your Account Executive if you have any questions or […]

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A business owner standing at the entrance with his arms crossed. There is text reading: Protect Your Business from Theft & Vandalism during the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19: Protect Your Business from Theft & Vandalism

As businesses brace for the economic impact of COVID-19, there are also other risks to watch out for during this crisis. Theft and vandalism are often crimes of opportunity. With businesses left empty, criminals can take advantage. Here are some tips to help protect your company from theft and vandalism during the coronavirus crisis: Locking […]

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Do I need commercial insurance for my part-time business?

A part-time business can definitely be an exciting prospect. One question you’ll face as a part-time business owner is, “Do I need commercial insurance for a part-time business?” The answer is yes, you definitely need commercial insurance for your business, even if it’s only a part-time endeavour. Why? Your business inventory, premises, and liability won’t […]

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Babysitting and Your Home Insurance

Babysitting makes a great job for responsible teenagers or adults who like kids. With childcare in high demand for many parents, it’s a great way to start earning money and help out the family, friend, or neighbour. If you or your teenager is taking on the task of babysitting, make sure you understand the risks […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Business Interruption Insurance

If your business is forced to stop operations due to circumstances outside of your control, it can be financially devastating. Business interruption insurance can help your business when it needs it most, whether it’s making it through a forced closure or recovering after one. Natural disasters, mandatory evacuations, and insurance claims are hard enough already […]

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Hole in One! Prize Indemnity Insurance

The great thing about golf tournaments is they are generally fun and relaxed with low expectations for the participants as far as exhibiting golfing prowess.  They are a great way to promote and strengthen business relationships and usually support a worthy charitable event. One of the highlights of golf tournaments is the opportunity to win […]

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Social Engineering Fraud Loss

How It Works Social Engineering Fraud Loss, or Impersonation Fraud, is a re-emerging scam that has the potential to gravely affect your business. The scam begins with someone impersonating a key individual, usually connected to the organization in some way – whether it’s an executive, employee, or third-party vendor that your company regularly deals with. […]

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