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9 Tips for Errors and Omissions Risk Management

If you provide a professional service or advice, a large part of your risk management will be protecting yourself and your business from errors and…

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Is Your Business Ready to Respond to these Top Three Threats?

Three escalating threats have rapidly shifted the insurance landscape in Canada. Business owners in particular need to adapt their insurance programs and risk management strategies…

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A home-based business owner working in her office.
How to Protect a Home-Based Business

Many Canadians operate a home-based business. Whether it’s a full-time operation or a part-time side hustle, it’s important to protect yourself and manage your home-based…

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Faith & the Post-Pandemic World: Challenges Faced by Faith Organizations

Faith and religious organizations can face many new and unique challenges to their operations. Through proper risk assessment and awareness of vulnerabilities and risk management,…

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Group of employees
2022 Insurance Market Forecast

The hard market challenges of the past few years will continue into 2022. But there is good news — things are starting to stabilize as…

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Property Owners at Increased Risk of Being Underinsured

The pandemic has wreaked havoc with many things in our lives, including global supply chains. Availability of raw materials has forced product shortages and in…

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Cyber Security
Insurers Want Businesses to Brush Up on Cyber Hygiene

Cyber insurers are experiencing a higher volume of claims plus heightened demand for coverage, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to obtain cyber protection at…

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Two Motorists Swapping Insurance Details On Mobile Phone After Car Crash
Direct Compensation Property Damage Auto Insurance in Alberta

Effective January 1, 2022, Alberta is changing the way vehicle damage claims are handled after accidents. Going forward, your insurance policy will include mandatory Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) coverage. The aim is to make insurance…

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Employee using hand sanitizer
Welcoming Employees Back to Office May Open Door to Liability Lawsuits

There is the potential for an increase in workplace liability lawsuits as more employees transition back to the office after working remotely due to COVID-19….

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