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The Evolution of Cyber Risk: Three Trends Affecting Businesses

These three trends are exposing security vulnerabilities, and heightening the call for businesses to stay informed on the ways in which cybercriminals are adapting and…

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A Straightforward Guide to Personal Cyber Insurance

Our increasingly digital world continues to create more opportunities for cyber criminals. In fact, the total number of police reported cybercrimes increased from 27,829 in…

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2023 Insurance Market Insights

Businesses of all sizes will continue to face challenges arising from the persistent cycle of economic uncertainties that include inflation, geopolitical headwinds, environmental disasters and…

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Avoiding the Bait – The Importance of Recognizing Phishing Attacks

With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s important for businesses to know how to identify and guard against them   By Craig Freiday, IT Security Analyst,…

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The True Cost of Cybercrime

As technology advances, so do the risks that businesses face. “Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats that businesses of all sizes and in all…

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Faith & the Post-Pandemic World: Challenges Faced by Faith Organizations

Faith and religious organizations can face many new and unique challenges to their operations. Through proper risk assessment and awareness of vulnerabilities and risk management,…

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2022 Insurance Market Forecast

The hard market challenges of the past few years will continue into 2022. But there is good news — things are starting to stabilize as…

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Cyber Security
Insurers Want Businesses to Brush Up on Cyber Hygiene

Cyber insurers are experiencing a higher volume of claims plus heightened demand for coverage, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to obtain cyber protection at…

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Office Technology
Hackers See Big Opportunities in Small & Medium Businesses

Businesses of all sizes are experiencing an increased risk of cyberattacks, but small and medium-sized businesses are the most vulnerable to cyber threats. By Aliya…

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10 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cybersecurity Issues

Whether you run a massive corporation or you are self-employed, cybersecurity is very important. As our dependency on technology increases, making sure your business is…

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