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COVID-19 Personal Insurance FAQs

With the fast-changing pace of our environment due to COVID-19, we recognize that you may have many questions about your personal insurance. We’d like to…

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COVID-19 Commercial Insurance FAQs

With the quickly-evolving business environment during the COVID-19 crisis, we recognize you are facing new challenges and have questions about your insurance program. We hope…

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COVID-19: Protect Your Business from Theft & Vandalism

As businesses brace for the economic impact of COVID-19, there are also other risks to watch out for during this crisis. Theft and vandalism are…

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12 Factors that Impact Auto Insurance Rates

Your auto insurance premium is affected by many different factors. Some of these you can control and others you cannot. This article will explain 12 of the…

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20 Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

Insurance companies use complicated calculations to determine home insurance rates. Here are 20 factors that affect your home insurance premiums:  Style and Construction Material of…

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How does an at-fault accident affect my car insurance?

Depending on the province you live in, who is at fault in an accident is incredibly important: it determines who will pay for injuries and…

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The Basics of Credit Card Travel Insurance

Many credit cards offer travel incentives and some even offer travel insurance. But what’s covered by credit card travel insurance? Is it enough? We’ll address…

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Canadian Snowbird Insurance Coverage

If you are like thousands of Canadians and escape to the south away from our tough, long winters, there are a number of things to…

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General Third Party Liability Insurance with Rogers

Most people think of car accidents when they hear third-party liability insurance. But did you know this is an important aspect of your home and…

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