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Get Access to Our Leadership Team

Rogers Insurance is more than just a service provider. Our president and key stakeholders regularly meet with our client’s leadership teams to better understand your company’s challenges and goals.

Annual Service Timeline

Managing client accounts goes well beyond the typical “60-days before renewal” routine of other insurance brokerages. At Rogers Insurance, we work with clients to develop a meeting calendar at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure that we eliminate the surprises that come with running a business.

Annual Risk Survey

You understand your industry and your business, we understand insurance. Developing the right insurance program rests largely with us. By working closely with our clients, we can stay informed on current operations and exposures, reducing your risks by putting the right coverage in place.

Annual Business Interruption Worksheets

Annual Business Interruption Worksheets What would happen if your business was shut down for a period of time following a fire or natural disaster? At Rogers Insurance, we can help you develop an appropriate worksheet to capture and evaluate your exposures. We’ll also work with your insurance provider to ensure that interim claim payments are made to assist with cash flow should your business and income be curtailed.

Claim Services

This is where the rubber hits the road. Until you need us, an insurance product is just a promise. At Rogers Insurance, we have claims experts and access to specialists who are available to offer their expertise at any time. After your claim is reported, we will follow-up systematically to ensure you’re getting prompt, fair treatment.

Certificate Management

Most of our clients are required to provide proof of insurance to a wide variety of certificate holders. A unique service Rogers Insurance offers is the management of third-party certificates. We will work to ensure that any contractors working on your behalf are in compliance with agreed upon specifications.

Infrared Thermography

Rogers Insurance offers you the ability to evaluate the health of your equipment through the use of infrared technology. This allows us to detect problems early on before they become more serious, saving you time and money, increasing safety, reducing unscheduled outages, improving system reliability and reducing repair costs from equipment failures.

Web Portal Access

With full support from our dedicated IT department, our clients have secure, 24/7 online access to pertinent policy information via the internet. With Rogers Insurance, that means you’ll always have up-to-date access to vehicle and equipment schedules, driver lists and Certificates of Insurance, as well as the ability to print off Liability Certificates when you need them.

Loss Control

While insurance is an essential part of any risk management program, so too are Loss Control and Loss Prevention strategies. Rogers Insurance delivers these services with a view toward preventing losses, improving your bottom line and making your account more attractive to the insurance market.

Our commercial auto and fleet insurance brokers can help you determine what insurance you need and balance it with your budget to find coverage that works. We can also get you different commercial auto or fleet insurance quotes and compare the costs to help you make the decision.

Market Analysis

When you work with a Rogers Insurance Account Executive, you’ll receive a clear and concise annual summary of the insurers who have competed for your account, as well as their specific responses. You will also receive periodic updates on the insurance industry and insights on how those developments may affect your company.

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