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Insurance for Religious Organizations

Your religious organization is dedicated to providing support, guidance and connection to your faith community. But several risks and hazards could hinder your ability to meet the needs of your people.

That’s why Rogers Insurance created Faith Guard, a specialty insurance program that protects the unique needs of all religious and affiliated organizations, including:

  • Camps
  • Community centres
  • Education centres
  • Healthcare providers
  • Immigration services
  • Non-profits
  • Places of worship
  • Social service providers

Our expert Faith Guard brokers will create a customized, inclusive insurance program to protect your entire religious organization.

We protect faith-based nonprofits with insurance policies that cover a wide range of risks including:

  • Historic and aging buildings
  • Fine art and religious artifacts
  • Donated property and vehicles
  • Large passenger vans or buses
  • Fundraising and special events
  • Volunteers
  • Youth activities
  • Camps
  • Counselling services

Rogers Insurance’s specialty Faith Guard program is dedicated to serving the unique insurance needs of religious organizations and places of worship.

Areas We Serve

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Grande Prairie
  • Fort McMurray
  • Red Deer
  • … and more communities across Western Canada

What Type of Insurance do Religious Organizations Need?

The insurance needs of your religious organization will depend on your unique circumstances; however, typical coverages will protect your physical property, your mission, and your members and faith community.

Common insurance policies to protect your property include:

  • Commercial property insurance
  • Equipment breakdown insurance
  • Fine arts/valuable items (artifacts) insurance

Common insurance policies to protect your mission include:

  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Employee and volunteer dishonesty insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Extra expense insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance

Common insurance policies to protect your members and faith community include:

  • Directors and officers liability insurance
  • Abuse and molestation insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Errors and omissions liability insurance
  • Terrorism, threat of terrorism, active assailant insurance
  • Group benefits

Insurance for Churches, Places of Worship and Other Religious Facilities

At the centre of every religious community and faith-based nonprofit is a welcoming gathering space.

This may be places of worship such as, but not limited to:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Mosques
  • Temples
  • Gurdwaras

Or it may be facilities and buildings such as, but not limited to:

  • Camps
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Treatment centers

Our Faith Guard brokers can assist you to ensure the gathering space of your religious organization is well protected. Common coverages include:

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance can help cover repair or replacement costs if your church, place or worship, facility or contents are damaged or destroyed by an insured hazard, such as a fire.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance can help cover repair and replacement costs should equipment (such as boilers, ventilation systems, electrical equipment and more) suddenly or accidently breakdown at your church, place of worship or facility.

Fine Arts / Valuable Items (Artifacts) Insurance

Many churches and places of worship house religious artifacts, fine art, sculptures, rare books, tapestries and other artwork. Whether or not your commercial property insurance provides adequate protection will depend on the value of your art collection.

In some cases, your religious organization may require additional coverage through a fine arts insurance policy. This coverage can help you cover costs to restore or replace damaged, destroyed or stolen artwork.

Insurance to Protect your Mission

Your faith community relies on your religious organization for support, guidance and connection. That’s why it is important to ensure you can maintain operations after a major disruption—such as property damage, theft, injuries and more.

Our Faith Guard team will work with your organization to place coverages so it can maintain operations and continue to support your faith community in the wake of a disruptive event. Common coverages include:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance is critical coverage for religious organizations, as it provides financial protection should someone be injured while on your property or if your religious organization causes damage to a third-party property.

Employee and Volunteer Dishonesty Insurance

While your religious community is built on trust, the unfortunate truth is that some individuals are dishonest. Common types of employee or volunteer theft and fraud that your religious organization could experience include:

  • Theft of cash
  • Theft of supplies and/or merchandise
  • Theft of information and proprietary files
  • Payroll fraud (i.e., submitting time they didn’t work)

Employee and volunteer dishonesty insurance can help your religious organization cover losses of money and property due to internal dishonest acts.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyberattacks and data breaches are increasing in frequency—and cybercriminals are targeting small and medium-sized operations more than ever before. Your religious organization should have cyber liability insurance if it:

  • uses computers for any operational purposes;
  • electronically stores the private information of your clients or faith community members; or,
  • uses e-commerce, including online donations.

Cyber liability insurance can help your religious organization recover from a cyberattack or data breach by covering costs related to system and network recovery, notification expenses, extortion, fines, reputational harm, business interruption and lawsuits.

Extra Expense Insurance

Extra expense insurance can help cover additional or unexpected costs that are required to stay open after a disruptive event, such as a fire. For example, the coverage could help you move to a temporary location, hire temporary extra help or advertise for support. This is different from commercial property insurance, which helps to cover costs to repair or replace physical property.

Business Interruption Insurance

Your expenses won’t stop if your religious organization is forced to close unexpectedly. Fortunately, business interruption insurance can protect your religious organization from financial losses if forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances.

In many cases, business interruption insurance can help your religious organization cover expenses such as:

  • loss profits
  • operating costs
  • temporary relocation costs
  • additional training costs

Commercial Auto Insurance

Does your religious organization own or lease any vehicles? If so, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. There are three main types of commercial auto insurance coverages:

  • Third-party liability covers damages and injuries to others if you are involved in an accident. It can also help cover legal expenses if your religious organization is sued after such an event.
  • Collision covers physical damage to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident.
  • Comprehensive covers physical damage to your vehicles caused by something other than an accident (i.e., theft, fire, hail).

Insurance to Protect Your Faith Community

Your religious organization brings together a dedicated community of individuals, including religious leaders, volunteers, believers, clients and more.

Our Faith Guard brokers will work with you place coverages to protect not only your organization, but also the members of your faith community. Common coverages include:

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Despite their dedication, your volunteer directors and officers could face allegations of negligence, breach of duty and more.

With a directors and officers liability policy, your religious organization can help protect your volunteers from personal losses if legal action is brought against them.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance

Religious organizations that provide support or services to children and youth, seniors, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups are at higher risk of facing allegations of molestation or abuse, which can be inflicted in many forms including:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Mental
  • Emotional

This coverage can help protect your organization, staff and officials by covering legal defence costs.

Accident Insurance

The unfortunate reality is that accidents happen. The good news is that accident insurance can assist your religious organization financially when they do.

This coverage can help cover the medical expenses of your volunteers and faith-based community members should an accident occur at:

  • Childcare centres
  • Camps
  • Sporting events or activities
  • Special events
  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • And more

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance

Providing professional services (such as counselling, training, coaching and healthcare) is an important element of many religious and affiliated organizations. Despite best efforts and intentions, mistakes can be made and cause financial damages to those who received these services.

Protect your religious leaders, staff and volunteers who provide professional services on behalf of your religious organization. Errors and omissions insurance—also known as professional liability insurance—can help cover legal defence costs if these individuals are sued for the services or advice they provided.

Terrorism, Threat of Terrorism, Active Assailant Insurance

The harsh reality is that faith-based terrorist attacks are a persistent threat. Such an attack can be devastating and lead to loss of life, major injuries, property damage and more.

Terrorism insurance can help your religious organization recover from a terrorist attack by covering property losses, business interruption, liability claims and assist your members in recovery.

Additional coverages are also available to protect against political risk and kidnap and ransom.

Group Benefits

If your religious organization has employees, you may want to offer group benefits.

Providing coverages such as health, dental, disability, critical illness and life insurance protects the wellbeing of your staff—and can also help your religious organization attract and retain top talent.

The Cost of Insurance for Religious Organizations

The amount your religious organization will pay for insurance depends on several factors, including:

  • Coverage options
  • Location(s)
  • Size of operations
  • Type of services offered
  • Value of property and/or artifacts

Our expert Faith Guard brokers will evaluate your insurance needs and compare coverages across the entire market to place comprehensive coverages based on your needs and risks.

Why Choose Faith Guard

Faith Guard, a specialty division of Rogers Insurance, provides tailor-made, comprehensive insurance solutions for religious organization. Our team has been insuring religious organizations for more than 40 years—we understand the unique challenges and risks facing faith-based communities, nonprofits, churches and other places of worship.

With access to more than 100 insurers and specialty underwriters—including multiple carriers who specialize in insuring religious organizations—our expert Faith Guard brokers will create a truly customized, inclusive insurance program to protect your organization, community and property.

As a full-service brokerage, you can also depend on our dedicated Faith Guard team to support your religious organization in the following ways:

  • Risk Management: Our team can identify ongoing and emerging risks, and provide solutions to minimize (and, in some cases, eliminate) risks to your religious organization.
  • Claims Management: Our team understands the claims process inside and out. As such, we provide unparalleled claims support, providing immediate attention, concise information and detailed communications. You can count on the Faith Guard team to support your religious organization throughout the entire claims process.

Speak with one of our expert Faith Guard brokers today to determine the right coverages for your religious organization.

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