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Travel Insurance

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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Rogers Insurance offers a wide range of travel insurance to protect you anywhere in the world. We offer coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel medical and lost baggage. We can insure all types of travellers, including snowbirds, cruisers, multi-trip travellers, students and more. Contact us today to get a travel insurance quote or read on to learn more about this type of protection.

Travel insurance actually encompasses a number of different coverages that you can purchase separately or as a package.

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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance helps you recoup some of your costs if things go wrong on your vacation. There are a few different types of travel insurance:

Travel Medical

Arguably the most important part of travel insurance, travel medical coverage helps cover the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad. It can also cover your transportation home if you are injured, ill or pass away while travelling.

Trip Cancellation

Helps you recoup non-refundable costs of a pre-booked trip if you are forced to cancel due to unexpected circumstances.

Trip Interruption

Helps you cover unexpected costs if your trip is interrupted due to an unforeseen event. It can also help cover costs to get you home in an emergency.

Lost Baggage

Covers emergency supplies if your bags are delayed or lost. Can also cover replacing your baggage.

How does Travel Insurance work?

Travel insurance is for unexpected events. Here are some examples:

  • You get appendicitis while on vacation in Mexico.
  • You fall and break your ankle while on a hike in Thailand.
  • You get unexpectedly seriously ill and need to cancel your trip.
  • A flight connection is missed and you need to stay an extra night to catch the next flight out.
  • A close family member experiences a medical emergency and you need to interrupt your trip to go home.

Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by travel insurance. For example, if you have a broken ankle before you book your trip, you won’t be able to receive covered treatment while you’re travelling – but you would have coverage if you broke your wrist in an accident.

Canadian travel insurance companies also follow the Government of Canada’s travel advisories – any travel advisories issued before you book your trip won’t be covered. For example, if a travel advisory has been issued about Zika virus in your destination country, you wouldn’t be covered if you tried to cancel your trip due to Zika. However, if the travel advisory was issued after you had already booked your trip, you would be covered for cancellation.

Depending on the situation, you may need to cover costs upfront yourself and submit a claim after your travels. You should always keep ALL receipts including for:

  • Prescriptions
  • Details of medical procedures or treatments
  • Hotels or other accommodation
  • Transportation including flights
  • Food
  • Replacement items (for lost baggage)

You will likely need to provide the original copy to your travel insurance company, although some insurers will accept photocopies or digital copies.

Can I get Travel Insurance with a medical condition?

Yes, you can get travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition. You may not be covered for cancellations, interruptions or travel medical claims relating to your medical condition but this isn’t always the case.

Be honest with your travel insurance broker if you have a medical condition and they’ll be able to help you find the right coverage as well as explain any limitations.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

We recommend having travel medical insurance at the minimum, as provincial health care offers limited coverage for travellers abroad. While no one wants to have a medical emergency while they’re on vacation, accidents and illnesses do happen. You don’t want to be worrying about paying your medical bills in a foreign country – plus, travel insurers offer assistance with navigating foreign health care and can cover getting you home if your injury or illness is serious.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance are good to have if you pre-book your transportation, accommodation, and activities. They can help you recover costs if you unexpectedly need to cancel your trip, experience a delay, or need to get home in an emergency.

How much does Travel Insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance depends on what type(s) of travel insurance you purchase as well as a few other factors. Generally, it is affordable protection.

What affects Travel Insurance rates?

The following factors affect travel insurance rates:

  • The destination(s)
  • Length of trip
  • Number of travellers
  • Age of travellers
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Value of trip (pre-booked accommodation, transportation and activities)
  • If you’re partaking in particularly risky activities like skydiving
  • Your coverage options

Travelling multiple times a year?

If you travel multiple times a year or take longer trips, you may want to invest in multi-trip travel insurance. This is a policy that you hold throughout the year to cover you for different trips. You pay an annual or monthly premium for this coverage.

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

If you’re a visitor to Canada, we can also provide you with emergency medical coverage for the duration of your visit to Canada. This is available for tourists, family members visiting Canada, new immigrants, temporary and foreign workers, and for those who don’t currently have provincial health care benefits.

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