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It’s Snowbird Season: Tips Before You Fly South

Birds aren’t the only ones heading south for the winter – it’s officially snowbird season for many Canadians. While the siren song of year-round golf…

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Senior couple laughing as they sit on a blanket on the beach at sunset.
Insurance for Canadian Snowbirds

Many Canadians head to warmer climates to escape the long, cold winter. Whether they go for a month or six, their insurance protection is impacted…

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hero blog credit card travel insurance
The Basics of Credit Card Travel Insurance

Many credit cards offer travel incentives and some even offer travel insurance. But what’s covered by credit card travel insurance? Is it enough? We’ll address…

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hero blog travel medical coverage
Can I get travel insurance if I have a medical condition?

Travelling should be fun and relaxing, but, unfortunately, it can be stressful if you have to deal with a medical emergency or illness or if…

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hero blog travel insurance faqs
Travel Insurance FAQs

Travel insurance helps give you peace of mind about your financial security when the worst happens. No one wants to get sick while travelling or…

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hero blog black friday
Tuesday Tip: Before you head across the border for Black Friday, check your insurance first!

Thinking of travelling to the US for Black Friday shopping? Make sure you are properly protected! The provincial health care system provides very limited benefits…

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