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Offering group disability insurance as part of your overall employee benefits package is a great way to attract exceptional and loyal staff in Canada.

This important coverage provides your employees with a financial safety net in the event they are unable to work after suffering from a disability that is not job-related. A disabled employee will regularly receive a percentage of their income during the benefit period so they can focus on rehabilitation. Rogers Insurance can help you protect your company. As a leading independent Commercial insurance brokerage in Canada.

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Understanding Group Disability Insurance

How group disability insurance works

Disability insurance helps reduce the financial burden if an employee is temporarily unable to work or permanently disabled due to an injury or illness.

It provides a percentage of an employee’s regular income for a specified time period, up to a maximum dollar amount.

There are two types of disability insurance:

  • Short term disability provides benefits typically for up to 16 weeks but can be up to two years.
  • Long term disability provides benefits for a longer period, after short term disability benefits cease. While a standard disability contract provides benefits up to an employee’s 65 birthday, some contracts are structured to pay benefits for two or five years.

Disability insurance payments do not continue forever. The benefits will cease after an employee reaches the maximum benefit period or returns to work.

It’s also important to keep in mind that group disability insurance is different from group critical illness insurance (which provides a one-time, lump sum payment if an employee survives a life-threatening illness or disease) and group life insurance (which provides the beneficiary with the benefit if the employee passes away).

Injuries and illnesses covered by group disability insurance

Depending on the insurance provider, group disability insurance can cover:

  • Physical injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Mental health issues

Group short-term disability insurance vs. group long-term disability insurance

The group disability insurance benefits you provide your employees will depend on your business plan; however, the following provides a brief overview to explain the differences between short-term and long-term group disability insurance.

Group short-term disability insurance:

  • Benefits usually start after a short waiting period (which is called an elimination period). This waiting period typically coordinates with a company’s sick day policy.
  • The benefits can be administered by an insurance company or internally through an internal company leave policy (typically called salary continuance).
  • The benefit period is typically between 16 and 26 weeks.

Group long-term disability insurance:

  • Benefits usually come into effect after a waiting period (typically 116 days or more) that coordinates with Employment Insurance (EI) EI sickness benefits or the employer’s short-term disability program.
  • The benefit period last for a longer period of time (for example, two years, five years or up to an employee’s 65 birthday).

One of our specialty group disability insurance brokers can help develop a plan that balances the needs of your company and employees.

What is own occupation group disability insurance?

Group disability insurance policies typically have a definition built in for how long the insurance company will try to return the employee to his or her own job, versus any job for which the employee is reasonably qualified based on age, experience, education and salary.

A standard group disability insurance contract will have a definition of two-year “own occupation.” This means the insurance company will work with the employee to return him or her to their own job for the first two years. After two years, the insurance company will attempt to return the employee to any position in which he or she is reasonably qualified. If an employee is unable to perform the duties of any occupation, the employee will likely remain on disability until the benefit period duration is exhausted.

Who pays for group disability insurance?

Creating a group disability insurance plan for your business is a flexible process. For example, you can opt to have your business pay the entire premium or you may choose to pass on the partial or total cost to your employees.

If the employer pays for any portion of the disability premium, the disability benefit will become taxable to the employee. Taxability considerations are an important part of designing the disability benefit to insure staff have the financial support they need in a time of crisis.

One of our expert group disability insurance brokers can help you determine if a contributory plan (in which your employees pay for part or all the premium) or non-contributory plan (in which your business pays the entire premium) is the best fit for your organization and staff.

Why Your Business Should Offer Group Disability Insurance

According to statistics, one in four Canadians will have to deal with a disability in their working life and many will be disabled for more than 90 days.

Recovering from a disability—no matter if it is a physical injury or mental health illness—can cause an employee significant financial hardship.

Group disability insurance can help your employees recover some of their income so they can focus on their recovery. And, the good news, is that the majority of employees do recover from their disability and return to work!

How Much Does Group Disability Insurance Cost?

The cost of group disability insurance will vary depending on how your business sets up its plan and which insurance provider you’re with. Some factors that will impact the rate include, but are not limited to:

  • Benefit coverage amount
  • Number and average age of employees
  • Industry and occupational risks

Working with Rogers Insurance for Group Disability Insurance

Our group disability insurance brokers are the best in the business—they’re experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialize in the industry. They will guide you through the entire process of developing your group disability plan and will also advocate and support you in the event of a claim.

Plus, as one of the largest, independent brokerages in Canada, Rogers Insurance works for your business, not an insurer. We have access to the top group disability insurance providers across the country, meaning we will shop and compare across the market to find your business the best coverage at the best price.

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Help your employees financially cope through a physical injury or mental illness with group disability insurance.

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