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Your spring home maintenance checklist

It’s officially the time of year that most Canadians start making a list for spring cleaning and thinking about the projects they want to do…

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Why does my policy include additional living expenses?

With an increase in natural disasters, such as flooding, wildfires and hailstorms, it is especially important to understand all aspects of your personal insurance policies….

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A home-based business owner working in her office.
How to Protect a Home-Based Business

Many Canadians operate a home-based business. Whether it’s a full-time operation or a part-time side hustle, it’s important to protect yourself and manage your home-based…

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How Climate Change May be Affecting Your Home Insurance Premiums

According to a 2019 report from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world. This…

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Lesson from BC Floods: The Importance of Overland Flood Insurance

Preliminary reports suggest the 2021 flooding in BC will result in less insured damage than the 2013 Southern Alberta floods. This is not necessarily because…

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Property Owners at Increased Risk of Being Underinsured

The pandemic has wreaked havoc with many things in our lives, including global supply chains. Availability of raw materials has forced product shortages and in…

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Senior couple laughing as they sit on a blanket on the beach at sunset.
Insurance for Canadian Snowbirds

Many Canadians head to warmer climates to escape the long, cold winter. Whether they go for a month or six, their insurance protection is impacted…

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8 Things Post-Secondary Students Should Know About Tenant Insurance

You’ve packed your bags and it’s time to head off to post-secondary, but have you considered insurance? If you are looking for tenant insurance, here…

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Returning to Work May Impact Your Auto and Home Insurance

While uncertainty around COVID-19 still exists, many people are being told the return to work is imminent (if they’re not already back in the office)….

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