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Your broker answers your FAQs about COVID-19 and personal insurance.

COVID-19 Personal Insurance FAQs

With the fast-changing pace of our environment due to COVID-19, we recognize that you may have many questions about your personal insurance. We’d like to share with you the most frequently asked questions about personal insurance and COVID-19 with answers from our expert brokers. While we navigate a new reality with social distancing, the team […]

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A two-storey detached home overlaid with text reading 20 factors that impact home insurance rates.

20 Factors That Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

Insurance companies use complicated calculations to determine home insurance rates. Here are 20 factors that affect your home insurance premiums:  Style and Construction Material of the Home  Square Footage of the Home  Age of the Home Age and Material of the Home’s Roof  Age and Type of Plumbing, Electrical and Heating Systems  Other Structures   Presence of […]

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Babysitting and Your Home Insurance

Babysitting makes a great job for responsible teenagers or adults who like kids. With childcare in high demand for many parents, it’s a great way to start earning money and help out the family, friend, or neighbour. If you or your teenager is taking on the task of babysitting, make sure you understand the risks […]

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Does home insurance cover university students?

Going off to university is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. Moving out for the first time, you may be wondering does a parent’s home insurance cover university students while they live away from home? Are they covered if their belongings get stolen or damaged? As long as the university student’s primary residence remains as […]

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3 Ways to Protect Your Home from Wildfires

The memories from wildfires which ravaged Fort McMurray in 2016 and Slave Lake in 2011 are still recent in our minds. In May 2019, over 4000 residents were forced to evacuate their homes thanks to the Chuckegg Creek fire. While a number of wildfires are human-caused, wildfires can’t always be prevented and it takes a […]

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Can an empty home void a home insurance policy?

A property can be left empty for a number of reasons, whether the home is in-between renters or the owners have already moved or if they follow a snowbird lifestyle. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that an empty home can void a home insurance policy, even if you’re current on your premiums. An […]

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Avoiding Costly Appliance Repair and Failure with Timely Maintenance

Repair needs sometimes arise that require a home appliance part and the expertise of a major appliance repair service provider. However, most of the time the expense of repair service can be avoided by a program of regular maintenance. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to avoid unnecessary repair costs The following are […]

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Important Insurance Coverage for Students Heading Back to School

Over the next few weeks most college and university bound students will be packing up personal belongings and getting ready for the move away from home to enjoy the much anticipated “campus life”. But before packing away laptops, televisions, and iPods, students would be wise to have parents review their insurance policy to ensure valuable […]

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When the Bite is Worse Than the Bark

We love our dogs – they are a part of our family.  And at Rogers, they are a part of our office culture as well (That’s Jackson just above – very sweet and never bites!) But you need to ensure you are properly covered if you own a four legged friend.  Some insurance companies will deny […]

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