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Hospitality Insurance

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Do you own a hospitality business? Or are you hosting a wedding or putting on a special event? Rogers Insurance has been a trusted hospitality insurance broker for over 40 years and have expertise in special events insurance coverage. We understand the unique challenges you face daily and are well-versed in protecting hospitality businesses and events large and small with uniquely tailored special events insurance coverage. 

Our team of hospitality and special event insurance brokers are knowledgeable and experienced. With our hands-on approach, you can trust you’ll receive exceptional customer service and the best hospitality and event insurance coverage. If you’re not sure where to start, our special events insurance brokers can help determine the insurance you need. 

Rogers Insurance is one of the largest independent commercial insurance brokers in Canada. What does that mean for you? We have access to a wide variety of business and special event insurance companies which allows us to deliver competitive hospitality insurance quotes and special event insurance quotes. 

Get a special event insurance or hospitality insurance quote online, by phone, or in-person with Rogers Insurance. 

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Hosting? Rogers has special event insurance for Canada

If you or your company is hosting a special event, insurance is essential because you could be held liable if any injury or damage happens to a guest, employee, or to your venue. Event insurance in Canada (also known as event liability insurance) can help protect you. It’s also required by many venues. If you’re serving alcohol, you’ll also need liquor liability insurance. 

Here are just a few events where insurance for special events is important: 

  • Wedding receptions
  • Family or school reunions
  • Luncheons and banquets
  • Fundraisers or charity events
  • Golf tournaments
  • Concerts
  • Parades
  • Meetings
  • Holiday parties
  • Corporate events and meetings

Special event insurance is different from other types of personal or commercial insurance and may not be covered under your home insurance or business insurance policy. This is especially true if there is alcohol involved or any other things considered riskier. 

Here’s an example of what a special event insurance package can include: 

Property Damage

Covers property damage to guests’ property or property belonging to a venue.

Commercial General Liability

If someone is injured or has their property damaged, they can sue you. This may help cover your legal expenses. This is sometimes broken up to include third-party property damage and bodily injury, medical payment, non-owned auto, food and beverage, employees/volunteers, and cross liability.

Liquor Liability

If someone consumes liquor at your event and goes on to cause damage or injury, you can be held liable. This may help cover your legal expenses. 


There’s a huge variety in types of events which also affects what you need for event insurance. Contact your Rogers special event insurance broker to find out what works best for your event and to get an event insurance quote today. 

Wedding Special Events Insurance with Rogers

Weddings aren’t cheap. Nowadays, many weddings are planned over the course of a year or more. They require down payments or holds. If you need to postpone or cancel, you’re out a lot of money – unless you have wedding insurance. They’re also special events, meaning protection against lawsuits and damage is also critical. 

Rogers Insurance provides insurance for special events, such as weddings, to help protect your financial investment in the big day and help reduce the burden if you need to postpone, cancel, or something goes wrong. 

There are two main areas of wedding event insurance in Canada: wedding liability insurance and wedding cancellation coverage. 

Wedding Liability Insurance

This is an essential event insurance for your wedding. It includes coverage for property damage and third-party liability. If you serve alcohol, you should also get liquor liability insurance.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Here are some scenarios where you would benefit from wedding special events insurance: 

  • An essential party is sick or injured.
  • Extreme weather.
  • Property damage at your intended venue.
  • Vendor issues, such as bankruptcy or failure to provide.

Keep in mind that wedding insurance varies by the insurance provider and usually only covers things not in your control.

Other Wedding Special Events Insurance Coverage 

Some wedding special events insurance packages also offer coverage for your wedding rings, wedding attire, presents and gifts, et cetera. 

You can also opt for honeymoon cancellation coverage.

Here is an example of a comprehensive wedding insurance policy:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Host liquor liability
  • Wedding cancellation
  • Honeymoon cancellation
  • Deposits
  • Photography and videography
  • Wedding attire (including rings)
  • Wedding gifts
  • Wedding decorations (including flowers, cake, and stationary)
  • Rented property

Basically, your wedding insurance is customizable to your needs and budget. Your wedding special events insurance broker can help get you started and find competitive wedding insurance quotes for you. 

How to get value out of your Wedding Special Events Insurance 

Here are a few ways that you can make the most of your wedding liability insurance and manage your risk for your big day:

  • Secure your coverage no sooner than a month before your wedding, but try not to leave it until the last moment either. If you can get your insurance policy in order roughly two or three weeks prior to the date, that works perfectly.
  • Be sure to have as much information possible about the wedding, and check to see with your venue if they want to be listed as an additional insured. Generally, your agreement with your hall or venue should highlight what the liability responsibilities are.
  • If you are providing alcohol at your event, ensure that you have your liquor license available to show when you get your insurance. Most of the time, pay bars and open bars will be covered.

Do you need travel insurance for your honeymoon or elopement? Need high-value contents insurance to add to your home policy for your wedding rings? Your Rogers Insurance broker can help.

Hospitality Insurance

The hospitality industry is varied. Whether you’re a bar or restaurant, or offer lodging, or provide recreational activities, Rogers Insurance can help you find the best hospitality insurance quotes and coverage.

First – why do you need hospitality insurance? It helps ensure your business’ financial security by helping you recover from an unexpected event. If your business experiences a fire or a third-party injury lawsuit, could you recover on your own? Most companies can’t absorb the costs, which is where hospitality insurance can help.

Rogers works with a variety of hospitality insurance companies to get you competitive hospitality insurance quotes and choice in your coverage. Your hospitality insurance should include the following:

  • Property Damage – Protects your company’s building(s) as well as your contents, including electronics, inventory, furniture, and anything else related to your business. After a covered event, your hospitality insurance will help rebuild your business and replace the damaged items.
  • Equipment Breakdown – If your hospitality business’ essential equipment breaks down, such as heating or refrigeration systems, your hospitality insurance coverage can help cover the costs of repair and replacement of the system. Some policies also offer lost income protection.
  • Commercial General Liability – This coverage is absolutely critical to any hospitality business. Hospitality liability insurance can cover legal expenses if someone is injured or has their property damaged while on your property.
  • Business Interruption – Also known as income interruption insurance. If you’re forced to shut down due to a mandatory evacuation or insured claim, this protection will provide funds to cover essentials. Some policies also provide resources for temporary relocation.
  • Cyber Liability – This coverage is critical if you store any customer information. It helps you recover in the event your business is the victim of a cyberattack or data breach.
  • Liquor Liability – can help protect you in the event of a lawsuit as a result of a liquor-related incident. This may be included in your commercial general liability policy or may need to be purchased separately.
  • Special Events Liability – This coverage includes third party property damage and bodily injury, medical payment, non-owned auto, food and beverage products, employees/volunteers, and cross liability protection. This may be included as part of your commercial general liability or may need to be purchased as add-on coverage.
  • Event Cancellation – To help recoup financial losses after event cancellation, postponement, interruption, relocation, or another uncontrollable circumstance.

Each hospitality insurance company may offer slightly different or additional coverage. Your individual needs will also vary – for example, some companies will need commercial vehicle insurance or additional liability protection. Your hospitality insurance broker at Rogers Insurance will be able to help you determine your needs. They’re also there to help you navigate your policy so that you understand what’s covered and what isn’t. They’re also your advocate in the event of a claim.

To get started, contact us for a hospitality insurance quote today.

Why is Rogers insurance the best choice for your hospitality Insurance and Special Event Insurance? 

With roots in Alberta, Rogers Insurance has been a trusted hospitality and special events insurance broker for over 40 years. Our clients appreciate our high standard of customer service and hands-on approach. We have hospitality insurance brokers and experts in special events insurance coverage that can deliver competitive hospitality insurance quotes and event insurance quotes. Our experienced and knowledgeable special events insurance brokers are there to advocate for you and be your insurance resource. 

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