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Business planning
Are you ready for a flood-based business interruption?

Developing a continuity plan can help keep your business operational in the wake of a disaster, such as a flood. Your plan should outline key…

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Flooded street
3 tips to prepare your business for flood season in Alberta

Flooding is the most common natural hazard in our province, yet it often takes Albertans by surprise each spring. Now is the time for businesses…

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Calgary winter
Winter Risks for Businesses in Alberta

Alberta businesses deal with increased risks during the winter thanks to our weather. Winter risks for businesses in Alberta include:  Slip and falls  Roof collapse …

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Business Winter
Winter Preparedness Checklist for Alberta Businesses

Winter in Alberta can hit hard. It can also arrive early, stay late, and involve huge amounts of snow and extreme temperatures. This checklist is…

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COVID-19 Commercial Insurance FAQs

With the quickly-evolving business environment during the COVID-19 crisis, we recognize you are facing new challenges and have questions about your insurance program. We hope…

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COVID-19: Protect Your Business from Theft & Vandalism

As businesses brace for the economic impact of COVID-19, there are also other risks to watch out for during this crisis. Theft and vandalism are…

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Do I need commercial insurance for my part-time business?

A part-time business can definitely be an exciting prospect. One question you’ll face as a part-time business owner is, “Do I need commercial insurance for…

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Babysitting and Your Home Insurance

Babysitting makes a great job for responsible teenagers or adults who like kids. With childcare in high demand for many parents, it’s a great way…

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The Ultimate Guide to Business Interruption Insurance

If your business is forced to stop operations due to circumstances outside of your control, it can be financially devastating. Business interruption insurance can help…

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