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Sandbags For Floor 2022
What to Include When Making an Emergency Plan

If you had 20 minutes to pack up and leave your home due to flood or fire warnings, what would you grab? Would you be…

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First TIme Car Owner 2022
The Importance of Updating Material Change in Risk

Your insurance policies need to be updated to reflect life changes, otherwise you are leaving yourself open to being underinsured. By Wendy Wildeman, VP, Commercial…

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A power boat parked at a dock on a lake during sunrise.
Insuring a Boat in Alberta

Is there anything better than being on the water on a nice sunny day in Alberta? Whether you have a small boat for fishing or…

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AdobeStock 83950762
Your spring home maintenance checklist

It’s officially the time of year that most Canadians start making a list for spring cleaning and thinking about the projects they want to do…

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A powerboat on a lake in Alberta.
Boat Insurance in Alberta: Your FAQs Answered

Whether you use your boat for fishing, watersports or relaxation, we can help you protect your boat, your passengers and yourself if something should happen. In this article,…

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hero blog why use an insurance broker
What is the process for setting up life insurance?

People choose life insurance for typically one reason: security. Whether it’s to protect family and loved ones, leave behind an inheritance or cover outstanding debts,…

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