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Your broker answers your FAQs about COVID-19 and personal insurance.

COVID-19 Personal Insurance FAQs

With the fast-changing pace of our environment due to COVID-19, we recognize that you may have many questions about your personal insurance. We’d like to share with you the most frequently asked questions about personal insurance and COVID-19 with answers from our expert brokers. While we navigate a new reality with social distancing, the team […]

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A two lane highway with cars driving through a snowstorm overlaid with text reading 12 factors that impact auto insurance rates.

12 Factors that Impact Auto Insurance Rates

Your auto insurance premium is affected by many different factors. Some of these you can control and others you cannot. This article will explain 12 of the most important factors that impact auto insurance rates, which include:  Your driving record  If you’ve taken driver’s training  Your insurance history  Your credit rating  Your demographics  Where you live  How you […]

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How does an at-fault accident affect my car insurance?

Depending on the province you live in, who is at fault in an accident is incredibly important: it determines who will pay for injuries and damage in an accident and whose insurance rates will go up. Being at-fault in an accident can significantly impact your insurance, especially if you also receive a ticket or criminal […]

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10 Reasons Your Car Insurance Won’t Cover You

Did you know your car insurance company has the right to deny coverage in certain situations? Some items on this list are simply not covered while others will leave you with a voided car insurance policy. You may receive advance notice or have none at all – it all depends on the situation and your […]

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Usage-Based Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

What is usage-based car insurance? Usage-based car insurance, also known as “pay as you drive” (PAYD), “pay how you drive” (PHYD) and telematics insurance, is when premiums are determined by an individual’s driving habits. Although not the only factor, a driver’s car insurance policy becomes more dependent on their competence on the road. Consequently, the […]

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Tips For Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winter driving conditions can be hazardous due to factors such as snow and ice on the road. While it’s important that you are prepared for winter driving, it is also important that your car is up for the challenge. It is recommended that you winterize your car before the winter season to make sure your […]

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Survival Guide to Auto Claims

Survival Guide to Auto Claims It was 4:56pm. You had a very long day. You found yourself stuck on Deerfoot Trail by the Calf Robe Bridge like hundreds of other drivers. The traffic was just not going anywhere. You started to think about what was left for you to do today: let your dogs out […]

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