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Woman Smiling Interior Car 2022
Understanding the Alberta Insurance Rate Pause for Personal Vehicles

The Alberta government announced on Jan. 26, 2023 that private passenger vehicle insurance rate increases will be paused until the end of 2023. You may…

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Car thief in action late at night, wearing a black mask on his head
13 Tips to Prevent Vehicle Theft in Alberta

Alberta has seen high numbers of vehicle theft the past few years. According to Equité Association, the top ten vehicles stolen in Alberta in 2022…

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What Is Considered Distracted Driving in Alberta?

Distracted driving rules vary from province to province and it’s important to know what counts as distracted driving and how it can impact you. A…

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First TIme Car Owner 2022
The Importance of Updating Material Change in Risk

Your insurance policies need to be updated to reflect life changes, otherwise you are leaving yourself open to being underinsured. By Wendy Wildeman, VP, Commercial…

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Senior couple laughing as they sit on a blanket on the beach at sunset.
Insurance for Canadian Snowbirds

Many Canadians head to warmer climates to escape the long, cold winter. Whether they go for a month or six, their insurance protection is impacted…

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Speeding truck
Are You Increasing Your Risk of Crashing?

The decisions you make behind the wheel could put yourself and others on the road at risk. Driver error is the cause of most collisions,…

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Two Motorists Swapping Insurance Details On Mobile Phone After Car Crash
Direct Compensation Property Damage Auto Insurance in Alberta

Effective January 1, 2022, Alberta is changing the way vehicle damage claims are handled after accidents. Going forward, your insurance policy will include mandatory Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD) coverage. The aim is to make insurance…

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hero signature excess liability insurance
Returning to Work May Impact Your Auto and Home Insurance

While uncertainty around COVID-19 still exists, many people are being told the return to work is imminent (if they’re not already back in the office)….

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Woman driving car
Mandatory vs. Optional Auto Insurance in Alberta

Driving is risky. Every time you get behind the wheel, there is a chance you could injure yourself or someone else (a passenger, pedestrian or…

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Construction zone traffic
5 Summer Safety Tips for Professional Drivers

With more motorists on the road, construction zones and extreme weather, is it any wonder that more occur in the summer than in winter in…

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