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Office Technology
Hackers See Big Opportunities in Small & Medium Businesses

Businesses of all sizes are experiencing an increased risk of cyberattacks, but small and medium-sized businesses are the most vulnerable to cyber threats. By Aliya…

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Couple relaxing near campfire. Road trip in motor home. North America.
RV Insurance in Alberta

Camping has always been popular in Alberta but 2020 saw an explosion of RV sales as people sought refuge from the stress of the pandemic…

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A hand holding large hailstones on its palm
5 Steps to Take After Hailstorms Hit

The Insurance Bureau of Canada states that the hailstorm in Calgary on June 13, 2020, was “the costliest hailstorm in Canadian history and the fourth…

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Construction zone traffic
5 Summer Safety Tips for Professional Drivers

With more motorists on the road, construction zones and extreme weather, is it any wonder that more occur in the summer than in winter in…

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Construction materials
Rising Construction Costs Putting Businesses at Risk of Underinsurance

The sharp increase in the cost of lumber, plywood and steel is affecting more than just construction-based businesses. All businesses are at risk of being…

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Condo exterior
Can the Condo Insurance Crisis be Corrected?

Condo corporations have an important role to play in reversing skyrocketing condo insurance premiums and deductibles in Canada. By Wendy Wildeman, VP, Commercial Lines Purchasing…

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Road Construction Zones
How to Safely Navigate Construction Zones

While road construction improves motorist safety in the long run, it actually increases the risks that drivers face in the short term. Be prepared for…

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Row of new townhomes all with vinyl siding.
Best Home Exterior Finishes in Alberta 

Your home keeps the wind, moisture and cold out. Exterior finishes come in a variety of styles, materials and price points.  But which ones are best? In this article, our experts…

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A powerboat on a lake in Alberta.
Boat Insurance in Alberta: Your FAQs Answered

Whether you use your boat for fishing, watersports or relaxation, we can help you protect your boat, your passengers and yourself if something should happen. In this article,…

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