7 Ways to Prevent Theft in Your Home During the Holidays

While the holidays are the merriest time of the year, they also provide increased opportunities for home robberies.

Whether you are out of town or just heading out for a holiday gathering one evening, we’ve compiled some tips to help you prevent your home from being burglarized while you’re away.


1. Leave the lights and a radio on

If you are away for the evening, leaving both your outdoor lights on and a light on inside your house can deter a thief who may be looking for an empty home to target. The noise from a radio or television can also trick thieves into thinking your home is occupied.

You may want to consider installing motion-activated outdoor lighting and smart home systems that you can control or schedule from anywhere – especially if you are away for a longer period of time.


2. Arrange for online orders to be delivered while you are home

‘Porch pirates’ – those who steal packages from outside people’s homes – can strike fast, which is why it is important to arrange for delivery when you know you will be home to collect your packages immediately.

If your delivery cannot be scheduled for a time when you are available, arrange to have your packages mailed to an alternate location like the post office, your work or a trusted neighbour’s house.


3. Keep valuables out of sight

Avoid placing gifts where they can be seen from a doorway or window. Additionally, consider cutting up the boxes for new valuable gifts and electronics before recycling them. A large TV box next to your recycling bin can advertise to criminals that you have a new desirable object to steal.


4. Stay vigilant about locking all doors and windows

Keeping all doors and windows locked – including those above ground level – can go a long way in preventing theft.

Prowlers look for easy access points, but the longer it takes to break in, the likelier it is that they will move onto easier targets.


5. Have someone you trust check on your home

If you are away for an extended period of time, it is important to have someone check on your home every 48 to 72 hours. Not only can this help mitigate other issues, like burst pipes, but it can prevent robbery.

Having someone clear your pathways of snow, park on your driveway and pick-up any mail from the doorstep can deter thieves by giving the appearance that your home is occupied.


6. Refrain from sharing vacation plans on social media

Even if you keep your social media accounts private, it is important to not share vacation details or photos until you return from your trip. Posting about your trip prior to returning can signal to thieves that your home is unoccupied.


7. Avoid keeping ladders or tools outside your house

Ladders and tools left outside your house can be used to help criminals enter your home. Always keep them locked up and out of sight.


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