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When the Bite is Worse Than the Bark

We love our dogs – they are a part of our family. And at Rogers, they are a part of our office culture as well…

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Why do I need tenant’s insurance?

If you’re renting a house, apartment, condo or maybe even just a room, you may want to consider getting tenants insurance coverage. Depending on your…

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I’m renting out a room this summer, how does it affect my insurance?

Summer brings a few big attractions to Alberta: the Jazz Festival, the Calgary Stampede, Westerner Days and more. Folks travelling in for these events can…

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Insurance Appraisals vs City Assessments: what is the difference?

For many property owners and real estate investors, deciding on the correct amount of insurance to place on their real estate assets can be a…

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What is a surety bond and how do I get one?

It’s that time of year when non-residential construction moves into full-tilt. If you’re just starting out in construction, you’ve likely heard about surety bonds but…

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What you need to know about secondary suites and your home insurance

Secondary suites have been a controversial topic in Calgary for a while now. In the city, there are thousands of legal and illegal suites in…

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What’s the difference between a vacant dwelling vs an unoccupied dwelling?

Your home insurance: what’s the difference between a vacant dwelling vs an unoccupied dwelling? And why it’s important? Keeping your broker up-to-speed with changes in…

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What is ‘Side A’ Directors & Officers Liability Coverage?

As the downturn continues, more companies are considering Directors & Officers Liability Insurance and those who carry it are carefully reviewing limits and options. Most…

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What do you know about frivolous lawsuits?

When reviewing your personal liability (part of a homeowner’s/tenant’s/condo owner’s policy) or your commercial liability, it’s important to remember it covers beyond just the “typical”…

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