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How Climate Change May be Affecting Your Home Insurance Premiums

According to a 2019 report from Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world. This…

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Returning to Work May Impact Your Auto and Home Insurance

While uncertainty around COVID-19 still exists, many people are being told the return to work is imminent (if they’re not already back in the office)….

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Mandatory vs. Optional Auto Insurance in Alberta

Driving is risky. Every time you get behind the wheel, there is a chance you could injure yourself or someone else (a passenger, pedestrian or…

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RV Insurance in Alberta

Camping has always been popular in Alberta but 2020 saw an explosion of RV sales as people sought refuge from the stress of the pandemic…

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Preventing Mould at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Some of our daily activities can increase the risk of mould at home, including showering, cooking and washing clothes. Fortunately, you can avoid mould growth…

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9 Yard and Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Water Problems

Water damage can happen any time of year, but the risk is heightened when the snow thaws and the rain falls each spring. Pooling water…

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7 Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Alberta

If your home’s internal temperature goes below 14 C, your plumbing can freeze. This can result in a burst pipe and extensive damage to your…

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Canadian Snowbird Insurance Coverage

If you are like thousands of Canadians and escape to the south away from our tough, long winters, there are a number of things to…

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Six reasons why you should consider an independent insurance brokerage

An interesting article in Bloomberg Business Week (Oct 21-27, 2013) revealed that the 27-year survival rate for community banks in the United States were significantly…

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Why Choose an Insurance Broker?

What is an insurance broker? That’s a question that we’ve often heard here at Rogers Insurance. The short answer is that insurance brokers are experts…

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