Are You Increasing Your Risk of Crashing?

The decisions you make behind the wheel could put yourself and others on the road at risk.

Driver error is the cause of most collisions, and Transport Canada reports human error is a contributing factor in nearly all fatal accidents. Below are just some of the reckless driving behaviours that significantly heighten your risk of getting into an accident.


Factors such as a roadway’s design, usage and history of collisions are used to determine speed limits, which are set to ensure safe and efficient travel.

Speeding reduces your ability to safely navigate the features of the road (i.e., curves, lane reductions, terrain) and impedes not only your response abilities but also the time others have to react to your driving.

SLOW DOWN! Follow all posted speed limits and drive for the conditions
of the road (even if that means going slower than the designed limit).


Impairment and Fatigue

Driving requires your full attention; you must be ready to quickly respond to the behaviours of other drivers and traffic conditions. It takes just seconds for a driver in front of you to slam on their brakes or for someone to cut you off.

Driving while tired, distracted, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs reduces your reaction time and increases your likelihood of being involved in a collision.

BE ALERT! Be well rested and sober when you get behind the wheel and
keep all distractions (like your phone) out of your view and reach.


Improper Left Turn

Turning left puts you directly in the path of oncoming traffic, making this a risky maneuver.

Trying to “beat” approaching vehicles can cause a serious collision. But so too can the simple act of prematurely turning your wheel while waiting for traffic to pass—this is because your vehicle will be pushed into oncoming traffic if you are rear-ended at the intersection.

WATCH AND WAIT! Do not turn until oncoming vehicles have cleared.
Also wait for all pedestrians to cross the road before turning.


Reckless driving—which includes speeding, impaired and distracted driving, failing to yield, making erratic lane changes and more—can increase your likelihood of crashing by 325 per cent! Slow down, be alert and follow the rules of the road to keep yourself and others safe!


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