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What happens if you get hit by someone without insurance?

Although you may be an excellent driver and at low risk of causing a crash, the same can’t be said for every driver on the…

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Tuesday Tip: Auto Insurance Endorsements – Part IV

Welcome to the final part of our series on Automobile Insurance endorsements, covering two of the more dynamic endorsements available to most drivers. Today, we…

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Tuesday Tip: Auto Insurance Endorsements Part III

There are many endorsements out there, but let’s focus today on a couple that expand coverage beyond what is offered in a standard Alberta Auto…

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Tuesday Tip: SEF 101 – Part II

To continue on last week’s introduction to SEF’s, let’s take a look at a couple of the more common Auto insurance endorsements in Alberta: SEF…

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January is ‘Intersection Safety’ month for a reason

The Alberta Transportation, Office of Traffic Safety is focusing on Intersection Safety for the month of January (and for good reason.) Do you stop at…

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Drive now. Text later.

Any time a driver is engaged in an activity that takes their attention from the task of driving, is considered distracted driving. These activities reduce…

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Tuesday Tip: winter road safety

Here are some tips to ensure a greater degree of safety on the road: Make sure your vehicle is prepared for the conditions by ensuring…

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The Facts About Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Summer is in full swing, with millions of Canadians taking advantage of the warm weather to hit the trails on their ATVs, head out on…

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The Facts About Third-Party Liability Insurance

General Third-Party Liability Insurance with Rogers Most people think of car accidents when they hear third-party liability insurance. But did you know this is an…

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