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How does an at-fault accident affect my car insurance?

Depending on the province you live in, who is at fault in an accident is incredibly important: it determines who will pay for injuries and…

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10 Reasons Your Car Insurance Won’t Cover You

Did you know your car insurance company has the right to deny coverage in certain situations? Some items on this list are simply not covered…

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Usage-Based Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

What is usage-based car insurance? Usage-based car insurance, also known as “pay as you drive” (PAYD), “pay how you drive” (PHYD) and telematics insurance, is…

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Tips For Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winter driving conditions can be hazardous due to factors such as snow and ice on the road. While it’s important that you are prepared for…

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Survival Guide to Auto Claims

Survival Guide to Auto Claims It was 4:56 pm. You had a very long day. You found yourself stuck on Deerfoot Trail by the Calf…

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Drunk Driving and Insurance: how does it impact the convicted and the victims?

If you’ve ever been in a fender bender, you know just how stressful the entire situation can be, from filing police reports to dealing with…

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Ridesharing: should you?

Ridesharing – using your personal vehicle to transport others for compensation – has received significant media attention in recent months. A great deal of controversy…

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What happens if you get hit by someone without insurance?

Although you may be an excellent driver and at low risk of causing a crash, the same can’t be said for every driver on the…

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Tuesday Tip: Auto Insurance Endorsements – Part IV

Welcome to the final part of our series on Automobile Insurance endorsements, covering two of the more dynamic endorsements available to most drivers. Today, we…

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