Tuesday Tip: Before you head across the border for Black Friday, check your insurance first!

Thinking of travelling to the US for Black Friday shopping? Make sure you are properly protected! The provincial health care system provides very limited benefits while you are out of the country, so an unexpected incident like a car crash or shopping mall frenzy in US could leave you facing tens of thousands in medical bills. Although many credit cards claim to offer coverage for this, most are full of conditions and exclusions, such as forcing you to place all travel related charges and expenses on the card in order to qualify.

Fortunately, travel insurance is available for very low cost, especially for short trips. Premiums can be as low as $20 for $10,000,000 in Medical insurance coverage! For frequent travelers, a multi-trip plan covering a whole year’s worth of trips is available for very low rates as well. For a quick online quote showing all the options, please check out our portal. Using the portal, you can go from starting the quote to finished policy in less than five minutes!

When you get back with all your new purchases, remember to check your homeowner’s or tenant’s policy to make sure you have enough coverage. Some items, such as art or jewelry may have a sublimit that will need to be increased. If you have questions, our personal lines team can help, so give them a call at (403) 296-2400.

Enjoy the trip and happy hunting!

Blog Author: Kevin Lea | Commercial Account Executive | Rogers Insurance Ltd.

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