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With over 30 years of experience providing transport insurance in Canada, Rogers Insurance understands the complexities and challenges of this industry. Your fleet’s safety and continued operation are of the utmost importance, especially considering the recent trend towards larger liability judgements and settlements.

As a leading independent commercial trucking & transportation insurance broker, we work for you, not an insurance company. We also have access to a large number of international transportation insurance companies, which means we can deliver competitive quotes. We also provide comprehensive client safety reviews where we’ll help you create and maintain driver files, log books, maintenance records and carrier profiles that are essential to safe operation. We share quarterly newsletters and host an annual transportation seminar to keep you updated on commercial transport insurance. We really are transportation insurance specialists!

If you’re looking for insurance for your transport or trucking business, contact Rogers Insurance today for comprehensive and competitive transportation insurance quotes.

Commercial Trucking & Transportation Insurance Coverage

The type of commercial transport insurance coverage that you need will depend on your business. Your coverage can include:

  • Property Insurance

This helps protect your premises, furniture, equipment, tools, inventory and everything else owned by your business.

  • General Commercial Liability

This is basic liability insurance that covers expenses associated with injuries or property damage and corresponding lawsuits.

  • Trucking Insurance, or Commercial Auto and Fleet

This covers third-party liability if your commercial transport operation is involved in an accident. It can also cover physical damage to your vehicles. Fleet insurance is applicable if you have more than 4 commercial vehicles.

  • Cargo

This coverage protects the goods you’re transporting and will cover damage or loss to them while they’re in your hands.

  • Business Interruption

If you’re forced to stop operating due to a covered loss or a mandatory evacuation, could you afford to keep paying your bills? This coverage helps you get through this difficult time and be ready to open as soon as you can. Some policies even provide funds for temporary relocation so you can keep your business running.

  • Crime Coverage

Crime coverage protects you from business-related crime such as fraud, theft, and forgery. These are not usually covered by a normal policy, so this is good protection to have.

  • Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown is not generally covered with regular property insurance, so you’d be on the hook unless your equipment is physically damaged or destroyed. Equipment breakdown will help cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your equipment if it breaks down.

  • Employee Benefits

Attractive employers offer good benefits. We provide extended health care, disability, life, and critical illness group insurance plans for businesses.

Of course, there are many more options for your transportation insurance, including coverage for marine shipping, air transportation and US or international exposures. Our transportation and trucking insurance brokers will help you determine your needs and choose the best coverage for your company while respecting your budget.

Who needs commercial transportation insurance?

If you transport goods for money, you need commercial transportation or trucking insurance. This applies whether you operate a trucking fleet or are the sole employee as an owner-operator.  In fact, a certain amount and type of liability insurance is required by law.

This protection helps reduce the financial burden of a disaster like wrecked cargo or an accident.

How much does commercial transport & trucking insurance cost?

Pricing for commercial transport & trucking insurance depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Your insurance and claims history
  • Where you’re located and where you operate
    • This indicates the crime rates, claim rates, frequency of natural disasters, and your proximity to fire services and hazards
  • The value, make, model, and year of each vehicle
  • The number of vehicles you want to insure
  • The type and value of the cargo you transport
  • Your transportation insurance options including loss settlement, coverages, policy limits and deductible

The cost of commercial transportation insurance will vary dramatically based on your individual business. That’s why it’s key that you get a number of quotes to compare prices and the level of protection available. We can help take care of that research and price shipping for you.

Transportation Insurance & Risk Management Specialists

Trucking and transportation have many challenges as an industry, such as:

  • Recruiting and retaining quality drivers
  • Increasing accident litigation
  • Regulation

As industry and transportation insurance specialists, we can help you manage these risks and protect your business through transportation insurance solutions.

Driver Recruitment and Training

Your drivers are not only critical to the operation of your business; they also play a major role in risk management. Hiring quality drivers and ensuring they are properly trained can be a challenge, but is integral to your transport company’s long-term success.

We support you through the hiring process with our resources, such as workbooks on vetting potential employees. We can also help you design safety training for your drivers.

Increasing Accident Litigation

While fatalities per mile driven have decreased in recent years, there have been many severe crashes. There has also been a rise in accident litigation with a major increase in bodily injury settlements. On average, this has cost transportation companies $1.2 million per claim.

 Working with the Best Commercial Transportation Insurance Brokers

Rogers’ transportation and trucking insurance brokers can help you navigate the regulated safety standards, liability insurance, and inspections. We can help you mitigate your risks and provide protection for your business should the worst happen. All of our commercial transportation insurance solutions include:

  • Comprehensive Transportation and Trucking Insurance Coverage
    • Protection designed for your individual company’s needs and budget.
  • Fleet Control Risk Management Services
    • We help you with driver recruitment and retention, training, safety, asset utilization, loss prevention and reduction, and growth strategies to help you manage your risks.
  • Fleet Safety Supervision
    • We help you minimize your exposure to risks relating to your specific transport business, including improving your safety.

As global transport insurance brokers, we’ll work with you to determine your coverage needs and balance them with your budget. We’re your insurance and risk management resource and can advise you and advocate on your behalf.

As an independent, employee-owned brokerage, we work with a large number of international transportation insurance companies. This means we can deliver truly competitive trucking and transport insurance quotes. You’ll get true choice with your coverage. It also allows us to find coverage for more unique businesses.

By working with the commercial transportation brokers at Rogers, you’re guaranteed exceptional service. Since 1977, we’ve set ourselves apart with our hands-on, human-first approach to insurance. Whether you’re a small operation or a global transportation company, we can help you protect your business.

Contact us today to discover our transportation insurance solutions for yourself. Request a commercial trucking or transportation insurance quote online, by phone, or in person at one of our locations.

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