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Get the coverage you need without emptying the tank

With over 30 years experience providing transport insurance in Canada, Rogers Stieg Transportation Insurance Ltd. understands the complexities and challenges of this vital industry.

Our team of experienced brokers and transportation experts will work with you to determine your specific needs and then leverage our relationship with major insurance providers to locate affordable trucking insurance—including common carrier insurance and coverage if your business is operating internationally.

We also provide comprehensive Client Safety Reviews where we’ll help you create and maintain the driver files, log books, maintenance records and carrier profiles that are essential to safe operations. In addition, Rogers Stieg hosts an annual transportation seminar and shares quarterly newsletters that showcase safety information, workbooks and driver qualification packets, as well as information on new legislation and policies.

See how Rogers Stieg can find you affordable and flexible transport insurance. Get a FREE quote today.

When one of our brokers work with you they:

  • They negoiate on your behave not on behave of the insurance company
  • Our industry experts will help identify exactly what your needs really are
  • Our wide-ranging insurance capabilities guarantee we’ll find our clients the best insurance protection for the best value
  • When it comes time to make a claim, we still work for you not the insurance company and will do whatever we can to be your advocate, help get you what you need

Who We Have Helped

When real life happens

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Fire Loss

A metal recycling company in Calgary suffered a major fire loss on their premises involving scrap metal, where the piles of metal heated and self-combusted, starting a huge fire. When they were told what happened was not insurable, Rogers’ own David Chiu stepped in and hired a fire investigator.

Account Executive: David Chiu
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