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For over 30 years, Rogers Stieg Transportation Insurance has worked to give businesses in Calgary transportation insurance that’s effective, comprehensive and affordable. 


Whether you’re a Calgary trucking company shipping goods into the U.S., or you’re simply dealing with commercial transportation as part of your overall business, our team of experienced brokers will work with you to determine your specific needs. This may include: 


  • Commercial General Liability – Can help protect your business in the event that a client or another visitor is injured or has their property damaged while on your premises or due to unintentional actions by yourself or an employee. 
  • Property Insurance – Can help cover your business assets, including your building(s), tools, equipment, furniture, et cetera if they’re damaged by an insured peril like fire, hail or theft.  
  • Commercial Fleet Insurance – Can help protect your business if any one of the vehicles in your fleet is involved in an accident, causing third-party property damage or injury. The minimally required vehicle insurance in Alberta is third-party liability insurance, accident benefits and direct compensation property damage. Our Calgary transportation insurance brokers can also advise on optional coverages you may want to consider in order to further protect your business. 
  • Cargo – Can help protect your business if any goods you’re transporting become damaged or lost while in your care. 
  • Business Interruption – Can help your business stay open by covering essential expenses if you are forced to close due to an approved claim or mandatory evacuation order. 
  • Crime Coverage – Can help your business recover from crimes such as theft (including employee theft), forged funds, fraud and more. 
  • Equipment Breakdown – Can help cover the cost to repair or replace damaged or destroyed equipment. 
  • Cyber Liability – Can help your business respond to and recover from a cyberattack or data breach. 


At Rogers Stieg, we also leverage our relationship with major insurance providers to give businesses in Calgary transportation insurance at some of the lowest rates in the industry. We also provide detailed client safety reviews to help ensure that your business avoids transportation safety issues before they happen. 

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