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Professional Liability Insurance

When things don't go as planned

If your business offers services or advice of any kind, then you run the risk of being sued if a client believes you’ve made a mistake or left out crucial information.

Unfortunately, most Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance policies only cover property damage or injuries, not claims resulting from services or advice. As a result, you could be held financially responsible by a client and taken to court. Even if you aren’t found legally liable, you could still face extensive legal defence costs that could seriously impact and even bankrupt your business.

Fortunately, Rogers Insurance offers Professional Liability Insurance that can help cover your legal defence costs in the event that your business is sued by a client who believes your services or advice has cost them financially. Our Professional Liability Insurance brokers are experts in this field and can also provide advice on how to minimize your risks to ensure lawsuits don’t happen in the first place.

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