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Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect your business on all sides

Cyber attacks and network security breaches by hackers have become increasingly common, with countless companies around the world dealing with viruses, data loss, network damages and information theft. Unfortunately, most traditional commercial insurance policies are designed to protect physical assets, not virtual property such as data, installed software or code.

That’s why Rogers Insurance offers cyber liability insurance that can protect you in the event that your data or network infrastructure is compromised. Our team brings unique experience in handling the complexities of cyber attacks and cyber crime, and can help ensure you’re protected in the event of a data breach, IT damages or theft of sensitive company information.

Find out how cyber liability insurance can protect your business.

Who We Have Helped

When real life happens

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Fire Loss

A metal recycling company in Calgary suffered a major fire loss on their premises involving scrap metal, where the piles of metal heated and self-combusted, starting a huge fire. When they were told what happened was not insurable, Rogers’ own David Chiu stepped in and hired a fire investigator.

Account Executive: David Chiu
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