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Manufacturers Insurance

We'll help line up the coverage that matters for you

With the manufacturing industry more competitive than ever, it’s important to be prepared for the many risks that can impact your business.

At Rogers Insurance, we offer comprehensive manufacturers insurance, with our knowledgable and experience team of brokers able to find the right coverage to help you succeed in this constantly changing industry.

Whether you’re a clothing and textiles company, an electronic equipment manufacturer or a business utilizing complex machinery, Rogers Insurance can help you find affordable and effective coverage.

Let our experienced team of experts help you find the right manufacturers insurance for your business.

When one of our brokers work with you they:

  • They negoiate on your behave not on behave of the insurance company
  • Our industry experts will help identify exactly what your needs really are
  • Our wide-ranging insurance capabilities guarantee we’ll find our clients the best insurance protection for the best value
  • When it comes time to make a claim, we still work for you not the insurance company and will do whatever we can to be your advocate, help get you what you need

Who We Have Helped

When real life happens

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Fire Loss

A metal recycling company in Calgary suffered a major fire loss on their premises involving scrap metal, where the piles of metal heated and self-combusted, starting a huge fire. When they were told what happened was not insurable, Rogers’ own David Chiu stepped in and hired a fire investigator.

Account Executive: David Chiu
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