Best Red Deer Auto Insurance Solutions: Rogers Insurance Offers Options

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Get Comprehensive Car Insurance in Red Deer with Rogers Insurance 

As a driver in Red Deer, car insurance is essential. Why? To start, you’re required by Alberta’s laws to carry third-party liability, accident benefits and direct compensation for property damage auto insurance.

Red Deer residents also face a number of hazards when driving through the city: other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, wild animals, winter driving conditions, summer storms, and other perils that can damage your vehicle.

If you live in Red Deer, car insurance can help reduce the financial burden of having to cover expensive repairs or replacement of your vehicle as well as costs related to an accident lawsuit. There’s also special coverage available if you drive for a ride-sharing company or use rental cars frequently.

As trusted Red Deer auto insurance brokers, Rogers Insurance can help you with your car insurance. At our Red Deer office, we have experienced, knowledgeable brokers who take a hands-on approach. These Red Deer car insurance brokers can help you determine the coverage you need and balance it with your budget. They also have access to a number of Red Deer car insurance companies, since we’re a 100% independent insurance brokerage and not owned by a single insurance provider. That means you get choice in your coverage and competitive Red Deer car insurance quotes.

Request a Red Deer auto insurance quote online, by phone, or stop by our office. Or, read on for more information on Red Deer car insurance.

Coverage Options for Red Deer Auto Insurance

If you’re shopping for new car insurance in Red Deer, it’s important to understand your coverage options. Your needs depend on your driving habits and what you use your car for. Here are just a few of the coverage options available for your Red Deer car insurance policy:

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Direct Compensation for Property Damage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Loss of Use
  • Ride-Sharing

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There are many other coverage options available to Red Deer drivers. Your car insurance broker in Red Deer will be able to help you determine what you need. 

Third-Party Liability Coverage

This coverage covers third party injuries if someone else is involved in an incident with your vehicle. This can also help cover your legal expenses in the event you’re sued after such an event.  

Third-party liability coverage is required in Alberta. Rogers Insurance recommends all Red Deer car insurance customers to go with a higher liability limit than the mandatory minimum due to the cost of lawsuits. 

Accident Benefits

This is another essential for Red Deer car insurance policies. This will aid in covering any healthcare costs during your recovery period after an accident. Your policy may also provide protection for passengers that are involved in the accident. In the event that you are killed, your accident benefits coverage can help your loved ones through this difficult time financially. 

Accident benefits coverage is required in Alberta. Talk to your Red Deer auto insurance broker for more details regarding this important coverage. 

Direct Compensation for Property Damage

Direct compensation property damage provides coverage to Red Deer drivers who sustain vehicle damage in a collision that is caused by someone else, or when a collision is partially your fault. In such cases, your insurer will cover repair and replacement expenses for your damaged vehicle as well as any damaged property that is on or in your vehicle (note: your insurer will only partially cover the damage expenses if you are partially at fault for the accident). 

Direct compensation property damage does not provide coverage if you are at fault for an accident. In such cases, you will need collision or all-perils coverage in order to have your vehicle damage covered.  

Read our blog on direct compensation property damage and speak with your Red Deer auto insurance broker for more information about this coverage, which is mandatory in Alberta. 


Comprehensive Coverage

Even parked, your vehicle can experience damage – especially in Red Deer. Auto insurance that includes comprehensive coverage helps protect your vehicle if it suffers damage in situations other than an accident, such as fire or theft. While not every potential peril is covered, this protects from many common sources of damage to your vehicle in Red Deer.

Collision Coverage

The name of this coverage is relatively self-explanatory. If you’re at fault for an accident and your vehicle is damaged in the collision with another car or object (like a tree, pole or fence), this optional coverage can help cover costs to repair or replace your vehicle.  

Loss of Use

If you lose the use of your vehicle due to a covered claim, this will help cover your costs to get around, including public transit, taxis, and rental cars. This only applies to your policy limit. Generally, if you rent a car, the rental agency should provide a vehicle of similar kind and quality, but it’s not guaranteed.


If you drive for a ride-sharing company, your Red Deer auto insurance company will not cover you unless you have special add-on coverage or you have a commercial vehicle policy.

It’s critical that you talk to a Rogers Red Deer car insurance broker if you’re driving for a ride-sharing company to ensure you’re not paying out of pocket if there’s an accident.







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What Determines My Red Deer Auto Insurance Rates?

Price is often one of if not the most important factors when deciding between Red Deer auto insurance quotes. But cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better coverage. A big question that many Red Deer clients often ask us is how they can lower their car insurance premiums. To help you out, we’ve put together some of the factors that go into determining your Red Deer car insurance rates:

  • Your car’s age, make, and model – determines its repair and replacement costs as well as claim frequency and severity
  • How you use your vehicle, including when and where you drive – determines your risk level
  • Where you live – your area’s crime and claim rates and frequency of natural disasters
  • Your driving record – even one speeding ticket can impact your rates
  • Your insurance and claims history – how long you’ve been insured, your track record of payments, and how many claims you’ve had
  • Your coverage options, including your deductible

You can reduce your premiums by taking drivers training, practicing safe driving, using winter tires, installing anti-theft devices, and changing your driving habits.

Your Red Deer car insurance broker can help you find ways to lower your rates or provide some competitive Red Deer auto insurance quotes to see how your current premiums measure up.

What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Red Deer? 

Red Deer car insurance will vary in cost depending on a number of factors, such as those listed above. The average cost of car insurance in Red Deer can be broken down into monthly and yearly averages: 

  • The monthly average cost of car insurance in Red Deer is $97 
  • The monthly range of auto insurance in Red Deer is $51 -$142 
  • The yearly average cost of car insurance in Red Deer is $1,165 
  • The yearly range of auto insurance in Red Deer is $620 – 1,709 

If cost is ever a concern of yours, discuss with Rogers’ expert car insurance brokers in Red Deer for advice on how to save.  

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Why Choose Rogers Insurance for Your Red Deer Auto Insurance?

Rogers Insurance has been a trusted car insurance broker in Red Deer for decades. As one of Alberta’s Top Employers, we believe happy employees provide better service to clients. Our Red Deer auto insurance brokers are experienced, knowledgeable, and continue to develop their skills. They can help you with the following: 

  • Determine your car insurance needs in Red Deer
  • Deliver competitive Red Deer auto insurance quotes
  • Advise you on your insurance and act as your resource
  • Advocate on your behalf if you have a car insurance claim

As a truly independent car insurance broker in Red Deer, we don’t work for the interests of an insurance company. We work for you, providing you with choice as well as competition with many top-rated Red Deer car insurance companies. 

Experience our customer service for yourself. Give us a call, stop by our office, or request a Red Deer car insurance quote online.

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