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Personal Insurance in Calgary, Alberta

As trusted personal insurance brokers in Calgary since 1977, Rogers Insurance offers a variety of personal insurance products with guaranteed customer service. Our personal insurance for Calgary includes:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home, condo & renter’s insurance
  • Toy insurance including RVs, boats, ATVs and more
  • Liability insurance
  • Life, disability, and critical illness insurance
  • Extended health benefits
  • Travel insurance
  • personal cyber insurance

As a leading independent insurance brokerage, we don’t work for an insurance company – we work for you. We have access to nearly 100 insurance markets which means we deliver truly competitive personal insurance quotes for Calgary and the surrounding area.

With our hands-on, human-first approach to insurance, you’ll quickly notice that our customer service is second to none. Our brokers are professional and experienced. As an Alberta Top Employer, we believe in having a great work culture and continued professional development, which translates into better service for you, our customers.

Contact us today for a personal insurance quote for Calgary or read on to learn more about this type of insurance and working with Rogers.

Why do I need personal insurance in Calgary?

The purpose of insurance is to help reduce the financial burden of dealing with unexpected damages, whether that be from a storm, a lawsuit, or an accident. Personal insurance helps Calgarians protect their financial assets and rebuild after a disaster.

While Calgary and Alberta as a whole are fantastic places to live, they’re not without their risks. In fact, some of the most expensive disasters have occurred here, including wildfires, flooding, and hailstorms. We deal with extreme temperatures and a wide variety of weather – plus all the regular hazards like crime, fire, and accidents.

We offer a wide variety of personal insurance to Calgary in order to help protect what matters most and reduce the impact when bad things happen.

Here are a few more reasons you might need personal insurance in Calgary:

  • You own a car (Alberta requires you to carry a certain amount of third party liability insurance)
  • You have financed your home, vehicle, or other property (most lenders require full insurance coverage on the financed property to protect their investment)
  • You would not have the money to cover repairs or replacement of your belongings
  • You could not afford the expense of a lawsuit if someone got hurt due to your unintentional actions
  • Your employer does not provide benefits
  • You’d like to help your family if something happened to you
  • You want peace of mind knowing you’d have help if disaster strikes

Everyone’s insurance needs and budget are different, which is why it’s important to discuss your options with a Rogers insurance broker in Calgary. They’re there to help you determine your individual needs and balance them with your budget. They can also answer your questions and help you reduce your risks of something happening.

What does personal insurance include in Calgary?

Below, we break down a few of the basic types of personal insurance options available in Calgary.

Auto Insurance

This type of insurance covers you and your vehicle. Here are just some of the coverages available:

  • Third-Party Liability – A minimum amount of this coverage is required by law in Alberta. This covers costs associated with injury that you’re held responsible for in an accident. It can also cover your legal expenses if you’re sued after a collision. 
  • Accident benefits – This coverage is also mandatory in Alberta. It can help cover medical and disability expenses if you’re injured in an accident. 
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage – Another mandatory coverage in Alberta, this can help cover repair or replacement expenses if your vehicle is damaged in a collision, so long as you’re not at fault or only partially at fault. If you’re partially at fault, this will only partially cover repairs. 
  • Collision– This may cover the repairs or help replace your vehicle if it is involved in an accident. If you’re partially at fault, this can help cover your portion of the expenses. 
  • Comprehensive– This may cover the repairs or help replace your vehicle if it is damaged by a particular hazard, such as a fire or a storm. 
  • Loss of Use– If your vehicle is involved in a covered claim, you can get funds to get yourself around while the claim is settled, or your vehicle is fixed. This can be for a rental car, taxi, or public transit. 
  • Ridesharing– if you work as an Uber or Lyft or any other type of ridesharing driver in Calgary, your personal insurance generally won’t cover you unless you have this endorsement. 

Our personal insurance brokers in Calgary can help you decide what coverage you need and get you the best prices for it.

Home, Condo & Renter’s Insurance

A key component of personal insurance in Calgary is protecting your home. There are three main areas of coverage that are included in this type of personal insurance in Calgary:

  • Third-Party Liability– If someone is hurt or has their stuff damaged while visiting your home or because of your unintentional actions, this coverage will help cover the expenses, including legal costs if you’re sued.
  • Property Damage– If your home and its contents are damaged or destroyed, this coverage may help you with the costs of rebuilding and replacing your belongings.
  • Additional Living Expenses– If you’re forced from your home due to unlivable conditions after a covered loss or a mandatory evacuation, this coverage can help cover the additional costs of living in a hotel or having to eat out.

Many policies also include coverage for things like identity theft, lock replacement, and food spoilage.

If you own a condo, you may think you don’t need insurance because your master condo policy covers the building. While a master condo policy will cover the structure of your condo, everything within its walls (such as your appliances, furniture, and personal belongings), won’t be covered. You also won’t have any coverage for third party liability or additional living expenses.

A condo insurance policy will provide protection for these items. Some policies also include coverage for assessments. This coverage is much more affordable than home insurance and essential if you’re a condo owner.

If you rent, it’s important to understand that your landlord’s insurance won’t cover anything that belongs to you nor will it cover your third party liability or additional living expenses. Luckily, renter’s insurance is very affordable and offers all of this protection.

RV, Boat and ATV Insurance

This type of personal insurance is for Calgary’s grown-up toys: RVs, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles and more. What’s covered will depend on the toy and the type of policy, but generally, you’ll want third-party liability coverage as well as coverage for damage done to your toy. If you have an RV or boat, you’ll also want to protect the associated contents and equipment.

Each of these toys is unique, so it’s important to talk to a personal insurance broker in Calgary about your options. This is especially true if you let others operate your toys or plan to live in your RV.

Liability Insurance

Depending on your career and assets, you may require additional liability insurance. We offer different liability insurance protection for Calgarians that can extend the liability coverage found on their existing policies or protect you against risks that are otherwise left uncovered.

One of our personal insurance brokers in Calgary can discuss your situation and how this coverage would work.

Travel Insurance

Do you travel a lot? Then you may want to look into travel insurance. Rogers’ personal insurance broker in Calgary can help. This sort of policy can include:

  • Trip Interruption – If something happens to you or an event occurs during your trip causing it to be delayed or you need to return home, this can help you out with the associated costs
  • Travel medical – If you or a loved one falls ill or is injured abroad, this coverage can help you pay the associated emergency medical costs which can include transportation to medical facilities or back home to get the care you need.
  • Trip cancellation – If you are forced to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances when you booked it, this may help reimburse you.
  • Lost baggage – If your baggage is lost or delayed, this coverage may provide you with the necessary funds to cover reasonable utilities until your bags are recovered or returned.

All these coverages can be purchased separately or as part of a package. Talk to a Rogers personal insurance broker in Calgary if you think you may need to look into travel insurance.

Life, Disability & Critical Illness Insurance

If your employer doesn’t offer this type of personal insurance in Calgary, or you’d like to purchase additional coverage that isn’t tied to your workplace, we can help. Rogers works with Canada’s biggest life, disability, and critical illness insurance providers to offer you the best coverage for the best price.

Life insurance helps provide for your loved ones in the event you unexpectedly pass away. It can help cover:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Debt (including your mortgage)
  • Income replacement
  • Education expenses
  • Living expenses to allow your family time and space to recover from their loss

There are several types of life insurance that can be discussed with our Calgary personal insurance brokers to find which best fits your needs and budget.

We also offer disability and critical illness insurance. Disability insurance helps replace your income if you’re unable to work due to illness or accidental injury while critical illness insurance does the same if you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. These policies provide you with funds to spend as you best see fit – to provide a financial cushion, replace your income, to pay off debts, to cover the costs of alternative medical treatments, or to upgrade your home to better suit your disability or convalescence.

Personal Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a new coverage available to our personal insurance clients. This can be added onto an existing home insurance policy with certain insurers or be purchased as a standalone policy. It’s affordable protection for a critical risk in today’s digital world.

The costs of becoming a victim of cybercrime are rising. Personal cyber insurance helps you recover from the financial loss of cyber extortion, cyber-attacks, online fraud and even cyber bullying. Our coverages can help you replace or repair damaged electronics or data, reimburse you for unauthorized purchases or financial losses, cover extortion fees or ransoms, assistance for dealing with online harassment, cover legal costs and other related expenses. Many of our insurer partners also offer access to qualified specialists who help you resolve the issues and recover after cybercrime.

With so much of our lives and financial assets tied into the online world, we strongly recommend all clients carry this coverage.

We’ve partnered with CyberBOXX Insurance to get you a cyber insurance quote online. You can also purchase a standalone policy there. If you’d like to learn about your current property insurer’s cyber offerings, please contact us. If you’d like to learn more about this coverage, visit our cyber insurance page.

Travel Insurance

An often overlooked part of personal insurance in Calgary is travel insurance. This can include:

  • Travel Medical Coverage– helps cover your medical expenses abroad for sudden injury or illness, including transportation to a hospital or back home for further treatment.
  • Trip Cancellation– can help you recoup your costs if you’re forced to unexpectedly cancel your vacation.
  • Trip Interruption– can help cover your costs if you need to get home in an emergency situation or are delayed or forced to change your travel plans unexpectedly.
  • Baggage– can help cover your costs if you need to get home in an emergency situation or are delayed or forced to change your travel plans unexpectedly.

Many people don’t know that there are often limits on the number of days covered by employer-provided or credit card travel insurance. We offer everything from a single trip to multi-trip travel insurance for Calgarians.

These coverages can be purchased as a package or individually, based on your needs and budget. Get a personal travel insurance quote in Calgary today to find out more.

How much does personal insurance cost in Calgary?

The cost of your personal insurance in Calgary depends on a lot of factors:

  • Your insurance and claims history
  • Your credit score
  • Your demographics
  • Your driving record
  • The crime rate of your neighbourhood
  • The claim rate of your neighbourhood
  • The frequency of natural disasters
  • The year, make and model of your vehicle
  • The year, construction, and type of systems in your home
  • The proximity to hazards like rivers
  • How close you are to a fire hydrant and fire station
  • How you use your vehicle, including when, where, and for how long
  • How frequently you travel and for how long
  • The value of your belongings or equipment
  • The value of your vehicle
  • Where you’re travelling and what activities you’re planning on participating in
  • If you have security features or devices
  • If you have damage mitigation devices
  • Your insurance options including coverages, policy limits and deductible

There are so many things that can influence your personal insurance rates in Calgary. It’s important to discuss your budget with a personal insurance broker that knows Calgary, its risks and has expertise in insurance in order to help you make the most of your budget. Our brokers have that experience and skills. They can also help you reduce your insurance premiums through risk mitigation and things such as bundling your insurance policies and seeing if you’re eligible for any discounts.

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Calgary is a great city to live in and we want to help you protect your family and your hard-earned assets. With good insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have help if something should happen.

You can get a personal insurance quote in Calgary online, by phone, or in-person at our Calgary office. Let us show you why we’re one of the most respected personal insurance brokerages in Calgary by letting us find you insurance that works.

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