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Looking for Oil & Gas Insurance Quotes in Calgary?

As the country’s largest producer of oil and gas, Alberta is home to many oilsands deposits. Calgary, at its core, has become something of an economic hub for the energy industry in its province. There are head offices for many of the major energy companies situated in its downtown sectors. While the opportunities in the industry may be huge, running an oil and gas operation is no small task. There are many things, risks and components to be considered, especially given that the industry is exposed to so many market changes that can be rather challenging in the long run.

An industry like oil and gas requires special insurance. Rogers Insurance has been serving its clients in Alberta for over 40 years and we are confident that our oil and gas insurance brokers in Calgary will be able to find protection that gives you peace of mind so that you can focus on what matters most: the task at hand.

Rogers Insurance understands the importance of your industry’s day to day challenges, including such tasks as supervising rig equipment and tools, managing your staff team, conducting well assessments, and ensuring that your company complies with the ever-changing government regulations. It’s a lot to deal with and there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. If anything should happen, you could be faced with some significant financial losses as a result of damages and liability. This is where Rogers can help: we offer oil and gas insurance in Calgary so that you can manage all your business’ exposures and get back to working hard without any worry.

Why Work with Rogers for Your Oil and Gas Insurance in Calgary?

It’s a tough job, so why entrust Rogers to manage your business’ commercial insurance? Here at Rogers, we believe that our employees are some of the best in the industry. Proud of our Alberta roots and employee ownership, we consistently offer our clients superior service and are there to help them with their insurance from as soon as the first phone call comes into the implementation of their insurance programs. When you’re looking for an expert oil and gas insurance broker in Calgary, look no further than Rogers. With 40 years of experience on our backs, we are confident that you can trust in your Rogers Insurance Account Executive. Look to us for when you need an oil and gas insurance quote in Calgary!

Why do our clients choose us for their oil and gas insurance? Calgary clients entrust us for a few reasons, including the following:

  • Rogers Insurance is one of Canada’s most respected and one of its largest independent insurance brokerages.
  • We have access to international insurance markets and offer regional, local and national representation.
  • Rogers provides the industry’s highest calibre of expertise in all sectors of general insurance.
  • When it comes to our claims proficiency, we are second-to-none.

Our oil and gas insurance brokers in Calgary are not tied down to any single insurance provider or particular facility, so you get security in knowing that we are looking after your best interests before the interests of an insurance company. Whatever your energy industry needs are, we have an oil and gas insurance broker in Calgary who is ready to step in and help get you protected as soon as possible.

Our Oil and Gas Insurance in Calgary is Designed to Protect You

Rogers Insurance stands out from other brokerages thanks to its focus on client service. Not only will we find and tailor an insurance package that is right for you, but we will also work diligently to assess and identify any emerging issues that your business may face. We don’t stop there, either. Rogers Insurance will also help to provide you with business solutions and help your key decision-makers so that you are in a better standing to deal with future risks.

For when you need dependable oil and gas insurance in Calgary, we’ve got your back. Our team is dedicated to understanding what your business’ unique challenges are and will provide you with solutions accordingly. Our continuity of service is what makes us stand out. Our capabilities in oil and gas insurance in Calgary include the following:

  • Operational physical damages
  • Well control
  • Various construction risks
  • Business interruption and loss of production revenue
  • Liability coverage

It is important to discuss your policy’s details with your oil and gas insurance broker in Calgary so that you know what you are covered for. Get in touch with us and we will see what we can do to help you!

Rogers’ oil and gas insurance brokers in Calgary have plenty of knowledge in the industry and lots of experience with a wide variety of different energy companies from small start-up businesses to multi-million-dollar corporations. We are confident that we can find coverage suited to you and your individual needs!

We Offer Business Solutions with Your Oil and Gas Insurance in Calgary

Rogers Insurance utilizes its knowledge of your particular industry to identify your risks and reduce your exposure to them. We also see this as a chance to maximize your coverage so that you have a financial net for every different hazard that might pose a threat to your business operations. Our oil and gas insurance in Calgary will save you both time and money, as our services go beyond just coverage. It’s part of your insurance program. If you are not currently a client with Rogers Insurance, our oil and gas insurance brokers in Calgary are still available to provide you their expertise for a fee.

We offer a couple of different solutions to guarantee you the best service possible:

  • Coverage audits to recognize any possible gaps in your present insurance program
  • Assessments of your business’ equipment and tools to guarantee proper coverage levels
  • Operational audits to assess if you are using the best possible practices
  • Contract valuations to prevent you from suffering future risk exposures.

Our oil and gas team experts have been practicing building insurance programs specifically for your industry for years and are confident in their knowledge. Rogers Insurance experts have unsurpassed risk management knowledge and can identify your risks without a hitch. Get an oil and gas insurance quote in Calgary with us today!

The Value of a Rogers Oil and Gas Insurance Broker in Calgary

When you have an oil and gas insurance broker in Calgary at your side, you can ensure that you have as much coverage as you need to secure your business. An advisor is essential to help protect your day to day operations. Whether you need a home, auto, recreation, travel, life or business insurance, you want to guarantee that you are getting everything that you are paying for. In addition, a Rogers oil and gas insurance broker helps Calgary clients find out more ways to lower their premiums. We are very proud of our experts here at Rogers Insurance and can confidently say that they are well-versed in the field of insurance as well as understanding that insurance programs are never a one-size-fits-all deal. When you want coverage packages that are as unique and personalized as you, choose Rogers. You can get exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t. Here are a few of the reasons why having an oil and gas insurance broker in Calgary at your side will help you:

  • Rogers’ team are experts in the energy industry and will help you navigate the fine print in your oil and gas insurance policy as well as take you step by step through all of the additional coverage that you may need and will discuss why they could be a good fit for you.
  • Our oil and gas insurance brokers will work on behalf of you before anyone else, which gives you security in knowing that they have your best interests in mind.
  • Our brokers make the claims process much more straightforward and can get your settlement easily and quickly.

If you are looking for quality protection, get an oil and gas insurance quote. Calgary clients can have peace of mind in knowing Rogers Insurance has their back.

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