The Dogs of Rogers: Willow

Owner: Courtney, Commercial Lines

Willow, 3 ½ year old Siberian Husky
“I knew about the dog policy but was surprised I could bring Willow due to her size. I usually bring Willow in on Fridays. The ladies in my office ask me to; if I don’t bring her in, they say they miss her. We’ve met a lot of people because they come to visit her and bring treats when she’s in and I like seeing other dogs around the office. I have been told by my colleagues that seeing the dogs makes days better and they like when she comes in to visit. I know it makes me feel less stressed to be able to reach down and pet her after a tough call. It’s nice to take her for walks during my lunch and escape for a bit. I believe Willow is special because she likes to argue if she wants something and you say no; she talks back with a dog smile. She has shown me why they call dogs man’s best friend and anyone who knows me, knows she is my world.”

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