We Dreamed a Dream: The History of Rogers’ Dream Program

Rogers Insurance launches the Dream Program on social media

As a Rogers employee I’ve had the opportunity to witness the amazing company culture that fostered the unparalleled Dream Program. Rogers is proud of their accomplishments, starting with just one employee and growing to over 500 in the past four decades. Ten years ago, President Lee Rogers and COO Bruce Rabik wanted to give back to employees. How best to do that? By granting the dreams of four staff members each year.

In short, the Rogers Dream Program grants the employees a lump sum of money to do what they wish – take a trip, buy a car, take time off, etc. Executives encourage all employees to register their dreams. Each year, four employees are chosen (one anonymously by management, one anonymously by staff, and two by random draw). Speaking to our President, he mentioned to me that it’s one of the single best things we’ve ever done as a company. He is grateful to our employees, and will prioritize the program no matter what is happening economically in Alberta and within the company. That makes me feel grateful as well, given the shift our Province has had in the last couple of years. Our employees still have a chance to accomplish something important to them.

Our company recognized that each person has their own dreams, but not necessarily the means to make those dreams come true. On top of the four large prizes, Rogers deposits some money every year into each employee’s ‘dream account’ so that everyone has something to work towards. Management felt it was a great way for employees to balance their work and personal lives. There are no parameters or limits to the dreams, ranging from world-wide vacations, to covering large medical expenses, reuniting loved ones to shopping sprees. I have seen a single mother who was able to take her kids to Disneyland, a young man who put a down payment on his first home, and a woman who was able to take some time off to spend with her critically ill partner. The dream program not only provides hope for the winners, but a sense of accomplishment for all staff who rally for each other.

This year for the first time ever, Rogers is extending the dream Program to fans on social media. To celebrate our 40th anniversary, Rogers will give $5,000 to support the dream of one Facebook follower and resident of Alberta. To enter the contest, you can like us on Facebook and upload a short video telling us about your dream. Be sure to share your video on social media as the videos with the most votes moves on to the final round. We will choose a winner at the beginning of July!

I’m proud to work for a place that promotes the wellbeing of its employees and supports the dreams that we all hold at some point in our lives.

Now who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?


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