Why having a diverse workforce is important

In this age of globalization, it is essential for an organization to have a diverse workforce if they want to be competitive. Workforce diversity refers to the similarities and differences of employees in regards to age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, etc. At Rogers Insurance we staff and hire the very best. The very best may come from a variety of backgrounds.

Why is it important for your organization to have a diverse workforce?

  • Increases employee morale
  • Allows for a company to bring in a multitude of skills and experience
  • Generates creative ideas
  • Appeals to a larger audience of clients
  • Creates a positive reputation throughout the industry

In order to promote a diverse workforce, an organization must ensure that in their company policy discrimination is not tolerated. The following are ways that an organization can increase its diversity:

  • Evaluate their recruitment methods. What audiences are being targeted? The larger the audience, the more diverse your applicants are going to be
  • Promote diversity through your existing employees. This could be by recognizing different cultural events, or getting a more detailed idea of the cultures and backgrounds within your organization
  • Create relationships with other organizations that are diverse and promote diversity
  • Encourage feedback from employees and engage in a diversity survey or study

How does your organization promote workforce diversity?

 Blog Author: Andrea Racette | Human Resources | Rogers Insurance Ltd. 

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