How to attract top talent & then keep them – “R Way”

Attracting top talent and retaining them is a challenging feat, this is especially true for the insurance industry.  Traditionally the insurance industry has seen a higher turnover rate than most. As a result, the industry has been more competitive with companies and brokerages fighting for talent and jockeying for a better position.  So what makes one company more appealing over another? We asked around and not surprisingly, this is what we came up with:

  • healthy culture
  • work-life balance
  • opportunity to learn
  • competitive salaries

As one of Canada’s Top Employers, we’re often asked how we attract and maintain our talent. The truth is that we’re focused on being an employer of choice. It’s not complicated: we work hard to create a dynamic environment where people want to be; we strive to hire the best, compensate competitively, we try new things and listen to feedback.

Each day we try to live by our values of “Fun It, Respect It, Win It & Own It” – making them more than just writing on the wall. Often you’ll see these values in action through company-wide challenges, office events and other things woven throughout our culture. For example, if you came by one of our locations you would see employees literally running around as part of the “Fun It Mount Everest Challenge.” Because health and wellness is an important part of a healthy culture, we aim to give our employees the tools and resources to stay motivated. And of course we don’t always get it right, but we’re keen to listen to our employees “likes & dislikes” and we work to make positive changes with that feedback in mind.

What makes workplaces enjoyable is healthy culture; creating an office space that’s less sterile and building a place that people choose to be. At Rogers, we work hard to keep our employees engaged and enjoying their time here. Here are some of the cool things that we like to do and that our employees seem to appreciate:

  • Active social club (ski trips, BBQs, private concerts, comedy shows and retreats)
  • Dog policy. That’s right; you can bring your best friend to work every day if you want to!
  • Continuous learning
  • “Dream Program”
  • Staff retreats
  • Community involvement (Run for L’Arche, Hull Calgary etc.)
  • Popcorn & Slushies!
  • Employee-ownership

There are a few other things that we believe makes Rogers a great place to work. If you want to work for one of Canada’s Top Employers or learn more about our job opportunities, check us out!

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