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A jump in the right direction

Taylor Henrich will always have her place in women’s Olympic ski jumping history. On February 11, 2014, the then 18 year old took the first run, becoming one of the first women to compete in the sport at that level. It’s a unique claim to fame, but the Calgary, Alberta native doesn’t consider herself to be a pioneer in the sport.

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Ski Jumping… In the Summer?

Rogers Sponsored Athletes

You’ve likely heard of Ski jumping, a thrilling Olympic event where skiers go flying down 90 meter jumps at speeds over 100 km/h. But with limited amounts of snow how do you make sure your training continues all year long? This is where summer ski Jumping comes in. Athletes head down the same jumps, but instead of snow they use porcelain shoots with their waxed ski’s. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

Rogers Insurance is a proud sponsor of WinSport Canada, and hopes our sponsorship will help our Canadian Ski Jump athletes make it to the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. Please take  a minute to read a quick bio of one of our athletes and be sure to watch RadLot’s new short film.

Who Is Taylor Henrich?

Taylor got involved in ski jumping as a young child through a summer camp at Canada Olympic Park after her mother signed her up. She continued with the sport because it was one that really interested her. In 2008, she began competing internationally at World Championships and Junior World Championships, just shy of her 13th birthday. In 2013, she set a new record for 131.5 meters in Whistler. One of the most difficult challenges a ski jumper can face is the environment. “As athletes, we have to focus our energy on executing the perfect jump,” says Taylor. “But the conditions and environment are constantly changing.”Though recently she’s been in the media for her incredible accomplishments, the road to the podium hasn’t been easy. For two years leading up to the Olympics she struggled to place in the Top 30. In Japan (2013) Taylor was seriously ill, but had to compete to stay in the running for an Olympic spot. She toughened up, dragged herself out of bed and competed. It paid off because in 2014, she became the first woman to take part in ski jumping at an Olympic level.

See her and the team in RadLot’s latest film ‘Summer Ski Jumping’ created by Jerry Tseng an emerging filmmaker. This short film documentary, just won third place in Calgary’s Rising Star Film Festival.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these ski jumpers and this video are sure to leave you speechless.