Ski Jumper Profile: Taylor Henrich

February 24th, 2015

“My goal for the next five years: to win world cups and have podium in the next Olympics in Korea.”

You may have heard some buzz about Taylor Henrich lately. The Calgary-born Olympic athlete recently made headlines when she became the first Canadian woman to capture a World Cup ski jumping medal after placing third in a normal hill competition in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Before this incredible history-making jump happened, it appeared as though Canadian ski-jumping had fallen off the radar. For aspiring Olympic athletes, it costs thousands to travel, train and compete internationally. With little government funding, ski jumping is usually out of reach for most Canadian’s. As a company focused on community involvement and active lifestyle, we were inspired by Ski Jumping Canada president, Tom Reid (Aviva Canada) to become involved as sponsors. We’ve been following Taylor’s ride to the podium and we’d like to share a little more about her.

Taylor got involved in ski jumping as a young child through a summer camp at Canada Olympic Park after her mother signed her up. She continued with the sport because it was one that really interested her. In 2008, she began competing internationally at World Championships and Junior World Championships, just shy of her 13th birthday. In 2013, she set a new record for 131.5 meters in Whistler. One of the most difficult challenges a ski jumper can face is the environment. “As athletes, we have to focus our energy on executing the perfect jump,” says Taylor. “But the conditions and environment are constantly changing.”Though recently she’s been in the media for her incredible accomplishments, the road to the podium hasn’t been easy. For two years leading up to the Olympics she struggled to place in the Top 30. In Japan (2013) Taylor was seriously ill, but had to compete to stay in the running for an Olympic spot. She toughened up, dragged herself out of bed and competed. It paid off because in 2014, she became the first woman to take part in ski jumping at an Olympic level.

Here are some fun facts about Taylor:

Where is the coolest place you’ve travelled with your sport? 


Who is a “hero” in your life?

My parents.

Describe the most embarrassing athletic moment.

“Well, I haven’t had anything really embarrassing happen to me while ski jumping, however there was this one time I went skiing with my friends at Lake Louise. We decided to hit up the backside for fresh powder, since having been skiing my whole life my friends had this idea that I’m pretty decent at skiing, so acting like it was no big deal I went first, however I took a line over a drop, which I caught my tip on something hidden in the snow and flew off the edge, in which I was fully ejected out of my skis and was sent somersaulting down the backside. Once I had stopped, I looked up to see my skis 30 feet above me, and everyone else laughing. It was embarrassing at first but now I just laugh at it.”

What is your Favorite animal?

Polar bear because they are majestic and they are the only other species that can open a coke bottle. 

When you’re not on the hill, where are you?

Student and bison ranch hand.

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