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Rogers Insurance can provide mortgage insurance that protects your family, not the bank. If you change banks or refinance or sell your home, you can maintain your coverage and not have to re-qualify. At Rogers Insurance, we believe you should have control over your mortgage insurance policy, not the bank.

At Rogers Insurance, we can often also provide cheaper mortgage insurance than your bank, with a limit that doesn’t decrease. With a bank plan, your proceeds are paid to the bank. With our mortgage insurance plans, the proceeds are paid directly to your family. That means better protection, for less money.

Protect your home with affordable and flexible mortgage insurance.

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When real life happens

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Fire Loss

A metal recycling company in Calgary suffered a major fire loss on their premises involving scrap metal, where the piles of metal heated and self-combusted, starting a huge fire. When they were told what happened was not insurable, Rogers’ own David Chiu stepped in and hired a fire investigator.

Account Executive: David Chiu
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