How does Bylaw 60M90 affect commercial vehicles?

March 10th, 2015

Do you operate a commercial vehicle in the City of Calgary?

If so you should be very familiar with Bylaw 60M90.

What is Bylaw 60M90 you may ask?

It’s a City of Calgary bylaw respective to truck routes.

Inside the boundaries of the City of Calgary, there exists a myriad of routes, specifically designated to assist commercial vehicles in their efforts to move throughout the city, in efforts to deliver goods and services to various businesses.  These countless routes are mapped out for each quadrant of the city, and are known more easily as “truck routes”.  These designated truck routes apply to any commercial truck-type vehicle which exceeds 5450 kilograms in weight.

As with any regulation/law there are some exceptions.  These would include vehicles owned/leased by the City, by city utilities, other utility companies, Canada post, the movement of a vacations or mobile accommodation, or vehicles owned by cable television companies while being used for inspection, maintenance or repair.

Truck routes are generally marked as such, and will show the beginning and end of the route, the hours when a truck may be driven on the route and the size, weight, type, height and any other restrictions.  However this is not always the case, nor is it a requirement. It is the responsibility of the owner and or operator of the vehicle to be aware of the permissible roadways on which they may travel, and for what purposes.

There are also reasons why you may find yourself off a truck route, which are considered acceptable.

These may include obtaining fuel, having repairs done, making your way to an accommodation or to get food (at a commercial premises), or to make a cargo delivery.  However these relaxations only apply provided the driver takes the most accessible direct connection between the nearest Truck Route and the destination.  If the owner of the vehicle has made prior arrangements to park or store the vehicle off a Truck Route, then he/she must also use the most accessible direct connection.

Where a vehicle is driven, used, parked, or left in contravention of any of the provisions of this Bylaw, the owner of the vehicle is guilty of the contravention and liable to the penalty provided in this Bylaw.  Wondering what the penalty amount might be?  Upon issuance of a summons for violation of Section 2 the specified penalty for such violation is Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).  The officer may choose to issue a parking tag for being in violation of Section 13, which would amount to $100.00.

Keep on Truckin’ and Stay Safe!

Blog Author: Lorri Christensen | Rogers Stieg Transportation Insurance Ltd.

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