Halloween Safety Tips

October 23rd, 2014

It’s nearing that time of year when young and old alike participate in Halloween festivities. So before you head out for a fun evening of spooking and trick or treating, here are some easy to remember safety tips:

For parents:

  • Children under the age of nine should be accompanied by an adult. But if you have  children venturing out on their own, have them go in a group. Remind your children to only go to homes where residents are familiar and never enter homes or apartments unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Trick-or-treat in well-lit streets, with slow traffic.
  • Remind children about walking safely: to use the sidewalk and be careful while crossing the road. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic and stay as far to the left on the shoulder as possible.
  • Costumes that are bright and fire-retardant are recommended. However, if your child’s costume must be dark, consider adding reflective tape so they’re easily visible to oncoming vehicles.
  • Masks are cool, but it’s important to have one that you can see well out of.
  • Parents should check all candy before it is eaten (not just to sneak a treat, but to ensure they’re safe to eat.) Parents should discard any unwrapped rewrapped or odd looking treats.

For adults:

  • If you’re driving on Halloween, be aware that there tends to be a lot of foot traffic and kids not necessarily crossing streets where they should. So slow down and watch out!
  • If you plan to attend Halloween parties where alcohol is served, keep in mind that Alberta is a zero-tolerance province. Plan ahead to get home safe; arrange a designated driver, taxi, transit or use other services like “Keys Please.”
  • If you plan to host a Halloween party, remember that you are responsible for your party guests. If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, make sure to also provide non-alcoholic choices.

For homeowners:

  • Police warn that because Halloween falls on a Friday night this year, homeowners should keep their properties well lit. And that “it may not prevent one from becoming a victim of mischief, but it does at least tend to reduce the likelihood.”
  • If you’re giving out treats, make sure you’ve got a clear path to your door to prevent slips, trips & falls.
  • If you’ve got pets, keep them confined. (Even though they may be ‘good’ pets any other day of the week, remember there is a lot of excitement on Halloween night!)
  • Instead of using an open flame in your pumpkin, consider using a battery operated tea light.
  • And as always, it doesn’t hurt to contact your insurance broker to find out what you’re covered for in the event of an incident.

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