Flood Insurance

As Canadian communities face increasing extreme weather, Aviva Insurance decided that it was time to offer new coverage choices to protect homeowners from losses resulting from overland water damage.

A home insurance policy typically covers sewage back-up, but does not cover overland water damage. Many Albertans now understand what can happen when claims are left to an insurance adjuster’s discretion. In 2013, adjusters scrambled to assess and interpret the wordings in individual policies for homeowners affected by the Alberta flooding. In some situations, an adjuster told one homeowner that they were covered under insurance, while their neighbour (who suffered the same losses) wasn’t. This became a black mark on the insurance industry and a delicate subject for those who were not so fortunate during the process.

Do I need coverage?

Great question, not all homes require this endorsement.  However, you can visit Flood Risk Canada to see if your area requires the coverage. For $35 CAD they will provide you the assessment you need to determine whether flood coverage is necessary!

How can I get it?

Now using improved flood maps, Aviva and Rogers has categorized risk of water damage to homes across Canada. The price you pay for coverage completely depends on the risk area you’re located in. Licensed insurance brokers will be offering this coverage as an endorsement to personal property insurance policies that have sewer back-up protection in place. Click here to find out more on flood insurance or to request a FREE quote.


If you are too busy, Just give us the word and one of our skilled brokers will contact you. Our brokers will get you going in the right direction with the right coverage for your unique needs.
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