Do you have fun in the workplace?

December 9th, 2014

We’re all about making sure our employees have some fun while at work.We take care of the regular stuff like reasonable workloads, fair pay, and educational opportunities. But we’re also committed to having a fun workplace; this is something many companies forget to include in their goals and objectives. We believe it’s important to have some humour at work and we think it’s pretty awesome when staff socialize with one-another.

This year we’ve tried hard to incorporate FUN into the workplace:

Coffee and Conversations. Every few months the HR team organizes an event for recent new hires to meet the rest of the staff. Coffee and breakfast are provided, and it is a great way for new hires to meet their co-workers who are not on their floor or direct team.

Staff appreciation celebration. Rogers wants to ensure that its employees are recognized for their hard work and commitment to the company. This year our staff celebration recognized various achievements such as: 5 year, 10 year and 20 year service awards; retirements and various other awards for hard work and dedication. The Great Gatsby theme really added to the fun and excitement of the evening!

Halloween. Each year our employees participate in a company-wide Halloween celebration. Typically, each floor has its own theme, and prizes are given out for the best costumes (even our canine employees dress up!)

Christmas party in Kananaskis. What better way to celebrate the holidays than a weekend away in the mountains? Rogers’ employees have the opportunity to spend two nights in Kananaskis and enjoy delicious food, listen to great music and spend quality time with their co-workers, families, and friends. The winners of the Dream Program are also announced at this event, which is very exciting for all staff members.

Of course, we also have a dog policy too!

How does you organization incorporate FUN into the workplace?

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