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At RISK – Tax Free Health Care Benefits

In December 2016, the Federal Liberal Government began discussing the taxation of health and dental benefits paid for by employers – making this a taxable health benefit to employees. This means if you are currently make $60,000 and your health benefits are $5,000 you will be taxed in the $65,000 tax bracket. While initially the […]

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When the Bite is Worse Than the Bark

We love our dogs – they are a part of our family.  And at Rogers, they are a part of our office culture as well (That’s Jackson just above – very sweet and never bites!) But you need to ensure you are properly covered if you own a four legged friend.  Some insurance companies will deny […]

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Social Engineering Fraud Loss

How It Works Social Engineering Fraud Loss, or Impersonation Fraud, is a re-emerging scam that has the potential to gravely affect your business. The scam begins with someone impersonating a key individual, usually connected to the organization in some way – whether it’s an executive, employee, or third-party vendor that your company regularly deals with. […]

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