Fire Loss

July 2nd, 2015

A metal recycling company in Calgary suffered a major fire loss on their premises involving scrap metal, where the piles of metal heated and self-combusted, starting a huge fire. The fire burned for approximately a week in a quarantined area. After calling specialists in to help extinguish the situation, the client was hit with over $2,000,000 in firefighting costs, and was told that it was not insurable as there was no damage to the insured property. Rogers’ own David Chiu stepped in and hired a fire investigator. Together, they came to the conclusion that if the fire was not contained or put out in the aforementioned timeframe, it would have caused damage to numerous buildings and equipment. David drafted a business case on behalf of the client and presented the facts back to the insurer including a detailed legal opinion. After a mountain of documentation and a strong case for his client, David ultimately prevailed, and was able to accomplish a settlement for the client’s firefighting expenses.