Why is it important to ‘call before you dig’?


As we get closer to spring and start thinking about outside work, remember to call before you dig! Each year across Canada there are thousands of underground utility disruptions from some form of excavation work. These causes can range from digging fence post holes in your backyard to operating heavy excavation equipment on a job site. In any of these situations where you find yourself disturbing the ground to dig, you should call Alberta One-Call Corporation for a line-locate service. The service is free and they generally only need 2 business days’ notice to schedule a time to come out to you.

With so many underground utilities today, there is an exposure for striking and damaging any number of buried lines such as water, sewer, oil, gas, cable TV, fibre optics, electrical, phone lines, etc. Striking any of these lines can range from loss of an essential service for you or your neighbours to serious injury or fatality. Rupturing a gas line could result in an explosion and/or fire; depending on the size of the fire it can threaten to burn down any nearby buildings. There is also the possibility of releasing toxic substances from a sewer line break which in turn can become and environmental problem if it is not contained. Damaging phone lines can render sections of residences and/or businesses without land lines which can control communications or internet services.

If you damage any underground utility, you can be held financially responsible for repairing the damage caused, and possibly be required to provide compensation for those whom you affected by the disruption of service. In most instances your insurance policy may deny you coverage if you are found to have failed to perform your due diligence before digging.

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