2014 Rogers Stieg Transportation Seminar

Yesterday we hosted the 14th Annual Rogers Stieg Transportation Seminar. With a full-house and presentations on safety & compliance, participants walked away with several key learning’s. We spoke to one of the seminar organizers and Rogers Stieg Senior Account Executive, Lorri Christensen, to get her take on the afternoon.

Seminar Speakers:

Sandy Johnson

Key message: In order to improve your bottom line, companies must have a solid understanding of Pro-rate vs Trip Permit.  Do I Trip Permit or Pro-rate? Sandy’s best advice is to seek out a professional in the field because it could save your company time, as well as thousands of dollars!

Michael Aasen

Preparation is key. When employers are dealing with employees, employers need to be well advised and have a clear understanding of the employment standards laws.  Further, especially when dealing with contractual employees, such as Owner/Operators in the trucking industry, a clear concise contract, immediately signed upon hiring will help to alleviate issues going forward in the event of a “falling out of relationship”.  He stressed that all employees should have an employee contract. They can be as short as an offer letter, or in the case of higher-profile positions, they should be more detailed.  *An employee contract:  terms that governs the relationship between employer and worker.  They can include implied terms, and must never be less than what labor laws allocate.

Scott Claffey

“Vision led culture” – everyone at the company knows and understands where the company is going and what its core values are Values-Driven Company. Every employee should know and have a clear understanding of the company’s values. He spoke about Behavior Based Safety – employers can’t expect employees to act in any different manner than what you are allowing them to act.

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